Dear Santa, My Christmas Wish list

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

As a child, I can remember when the JC Penny and Sears catalogs would come in the mail for Christmas, poring over the toy section to create my Christmas wish list to send to Santa. (Hello Barbie dream house!) Honestly, I think the act of wishes and lists was the best part,which probably explains my obsession with list making...hmm...  As I lay in bed today, (I'm home sick...ugh,) I began to think of those Christmas lists and how much fun they were, so I decided to create my wish list to Santa, just for fun! 
1)Love for the Midwest Coat-Modcloth 2) Fujifilm Instax Mini- Amazon 3) Canon EOS T21- Amazon 4) Drinks on Me Dress-Modcloth 5) Kindred Sole Socks in Intern-Modcloth 6) Pop Music Print- Etsy 7) Listomania Book- Amazon 8)Fun Plans Planner- UO 9) Toms Desert Boots- TOMS 10) Bike Bell- Modcloth 11) You can never go wrong with gift cards to JoAnns or Fandango! 12) Summer Print by Nan Lawson- Etsy
What's on your wish list this year?

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