Tattoosday: Inspirations of Geekery Pt 2

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Following last week's post on some of my favorite sciencey tattoos, I'm following up with the next round of geekery, this time focused more on movie, television, and gamer fanboys (and girls!)  I've had so much fun this week finding some pretty amazing and dedicated "geeky" tattoos.  I hope you all enjoy!
*Pac Man!
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*So I almost died laughing when I saw these two Ghostbuster tattoos! 
Photo via here and here
*Where's Waldo? I love love love this!

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*You know i can't resist a good set of Star Wars tattoos... I think I have a thing for finger tats....
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* This Aquaman colorful!

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*This I love tetris tattoo is so clever and cute.
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