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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

This week has been full of Christmas parties, gift exchanges, and hacking coughs, (yes, I'm still a little sickly.)  I'm so looking forward to heading back to Missouri next week, these next five days are going to take FOREVER, but I have some fun plans in the meantime.  While you're waiting for the holidays to come, sit back and view just a few of the things I'm loving this week!

*This ahhhhdorable little planter.  So cute!
Photo Via: Follow Store
*This pretty painted driftwood Christmas tree.  I love the colors and the idea!
Photo Via: Decor8

*This bag, (and all of the others sold at Maude & Tilda,) so cheeky!
Photo Via: Maude & Tilda
* This commentary from Ira Glass. (Have I ever mentioned how much I love Ira Glass?  He's my ultimate celebrity citing :)  I think I'm still in this gap stage of creativity, but I'm working hard to close it!
* Oh. My. God.  These custom ukuleles might be the greatest thing I've seen this week.  So cute!  (Eva Walsh, observe & find!)
Photo Via: Celantano Woodworks
*This is old, but I'd never seen it, and it made me laugh so hard with Kaston and Emilie!  ENJOY.

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