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Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday is here and you know what that means... a post full of happiness!!  I'm super excited about this upcoming long weekend, my good friend Eric is coming down from New York for a little visit and a much needed road trip to Vermont... just think of all of that maple syrup.  Yum!  I promise to take lots of pictures.  In the meantime, check out these little gems that are making me oh so happy...

*This Etsy interview with illustrator Sophie Blackall has me totally mesmerized and inspired.

Handmade Portraits: Sophie Blackall from Etsy on Vimeo.

*I love these dancing posters!
Images of Rocky Horror, Arrested Development, and Singing in the Rain

*I'm always loaning out books, how cute would these be to keep track?
Image via: Fred Flare
*I can't tell you how much I love this how to be classy post....

*Okay, sad and hilarious. Adele makes me feel the same way...

*I'm dying...this is so funny and true!  I can't believe that I just heard about it.  (Thanks Jen!)
Images via:Catalog Living

*This movie preview looks so good!

*Just stumbled upon the lovely Kelsie McNair's blog and let me tell you, homegirl is talented!  This song is so pretty.
*Okay, this is amazing... this website shows you a new kitten photo every time you write 100 words... to all of my friends still writing papers for school...think of the motivation!

*This summation of the 10 things 90's kids will have to explain to their children is hilarious. Must read.

*Lastly, while reading through my favorite blogs I came across Kaelyah's post and I really couldn't help but share the content with you. (She links to this blog as well, which is where the photos are all credited from.)  I'm generally not a fan of briging politics or religion into this blog, but I was so moved by this group's actions during the Chicago Gay Pride Parade. The caption read "I hugged a man in his underwear. I think Jesus would have too." Regardless of your faith, (or lack thereof,) it's pretty amazing to see this kind of humanity existing amidst the ignorance and hate that many people deal with on a daily basis.  Pretty amazing.  

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