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Friday, March 23, 2012

Here's a little dose of Friday happiness!!

*So, it's been almost an hour since I left the theater and I'm still talking about how freaking good the Hunger Games was.  It's pretty much what's making me the absolute happiest of all this week.  I'm urging you all to immediately go out and see it, it's that good. TEAM PEETA!   In other excitement, I'm obsessed with Cinna's gold eyeliner, going to buy it immediately!
Available at Sephora

* Another one of the beautiful missed connections paintings.  I completely agree with this sentiment.
Sophie Blackall
 *This is SO true.
 *I love this quote
*This acapella clip of Bon Iver singing For Emma, is soooo lovely.

*These watercolor painting of high fashion models are magical.  I want to learn watercolor SO badly!
Cate Parr

 *Speaking of AMAZING paintings, I'm enthralled by these by Pedro Campos.  Painting you say? It looks like a photo.  I KNOW!  They're all oil on canvas.  Beautiful.
Pedro Campos
  * This video made Lauren and I laugh soooo hard.

*The article that inspired my Wednesday post on movie adaptations.... lists the 25 novels that SHOULD be made into a movie... I want to read them all!

*Tumblr pick of the week: White Whine.  Tehehe so funny.

*Ooo and this one too... The Composites.  (Composite sketched based on famous literary characters.)

*Gotcha. You have just been Rick Rolled.

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