What's Making Me Happy

Friday, April 27, 2012

Happy Friday/ WEEKEND everyone!  This weekend is for CD release parties for my favorite local folkers, girls nights and nineties dancing, and a Sunday Funday full of crafts and movies.  Couldn't be more perfect right?  Here's what I am LOVING this week....

*The return of Parks and Rec...

* This video about the "manic pixie dream girl" issue is too funny!

*I just love Rookie Mag, Tavi is pretty much the coolest.  (Note: I tried the beehive yesterday and it worked like a charm! I got so many compliments on my new retro do.

*These paper airplane earrings need to find themselves in my jewelry box...

*Lion-Kinging.  I totally have done this with Monty.

* This is the only wise thing to ever come from Betty Draper...


* This video inspires me SO MUCH.

* I'm magic. Let me prove it. Stare at the middle of this picture for 15 seconds.


* I'm a total playlist maker and lover for all things, and let me tell you, I can't stop listening to Lauren's 90's playlist on Spotify.  It is literally the greatest thing ever and brings back all of the memories of 6th grade dare dances. (Hello tootsie roll!)  I just did the Can't Touch This dance in my office and my boss saw me... Can't stop the groove.

Vintage Treasure Hunting

Thursday, April 26, 2012

There is nothing that I like more than a good day spent thrifting. It's ironic, because as a child I used to HATE being dragged to every craft fair south of the mason dixon line with my mother, and now, I'm totally in for a long day of craft fairs an thrifty finds. Back home in Missouri, there are literally a million little flea markets, estate sales, and vintage stores to peruse for vintage treasures, but here in Boston, I've found it a little more difficult to find my thrifty fix. We do have our share of Goodwills, (incidentally the founder of Goodwill is a BU alum!) but the random antique market or estate sale is sometimes quite difficult to come across. Luckily I have similar friends who don't mind the random road trip for a thrifting fix, and I've always got my trusty vintage-finding backup, ebay. (It's not quite the same as unearthing a treasure in the back of some dusty old store, but when you're looking for specific items, it's generally a great source!) 

I've previously discussed some of my collections, most of which are comprised of vintage pieces, but I wanted to share my "Jackpot List"... basically things that I'm always seeking out when I'm thrifting away... 

 Image Sources in order one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight // nine // ten // eleven // twelve

(***I promise that I'll share some of my new vintage acquisitions soon, I had every intention of doing a little photo shoot today, but seem to have come down with the spring bug that's been going around...ick!)

Tattoosday: Up in the air...

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


1. Hot Air Balloon image via I Mean Honeybee
2. Paper airplane image via Oh Mishka
3. Wire Bird image via f yeah tattoos
4. Hot Air Balloon image via Mommy Loves Tattoos
5. Fighter plane image via girl jo
6. Plane image via Tattoos in Flight

Giveaway Winner!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Congratulations Georgina!!  I'm so excited to see what Elycia does for your portrait!  I didn't have your email so shoot me a quick message (Ashley dot Fears at gmail dot com) and I'll get all of the information from you to send to Elycia.  Thanks again to everyone who participated in my first giveaway, I'll definitely be getting some new craft posts out there for you soon! 


What's Making Me Happy

Friday, April 20, 2012

Another week past, and another weekend on the brink.  I'm pretty excited about it, we're going to see John Prine in Hartford and I plan on making all sorts of pretty stuff, what's not to love?!  Enjoy these pretty, funny, and inspiring pieces of the Internet and don't forget about the giveaway, if you win Elycia will do a self portrait of you! (They're the cutest.)  The giveaway ends Sunday at midnight!  Happy weekend!

*  I wish this was my front door.

* Yup. These exist.

*Truer words were never spoken/
*This is beautiful.  Cut flower fields.

 *Oh golly I love Ron Swanson.

* Sharks are the best.  Classy sharks are even better.

* I'm loving these Star Wars behind the scenes photos! 

*This website dedicated to our amazing earth and weather patterns has so many beautiful pictures.

*This commercial made me smile so much.  Puppies are the best!

* This girl wants to marry Hans Solo.  Get in line sister.

*Aughhh this brought me back!  201 reason why being a 90's girl rocks.

*This is going to make you smile.  No hints. Just click.

* McSweeny's always makes me laugh.  This article made me laugh.  So did this one

*This site is pretty funny.  It creates mashups of new tweets based on your previous feed.  My favorites from my twitter were... "Yoga shoes..." & "High five hands!"

*I'm a little obsessed with this fabric store.  I want to buy it all and make things immediately!

* This post about "busty girl" problems is SO true!

Not So Guilty Pleasures: An unabashed defense of Nora

Thursday, April 19, 2012

I've never really been what most would typically consider a "girly girl." I'm kinda covered in tattoos, love mudding with my brother, roller derby, baseball, cursing like a sailor, and would ALWAYS choose a Coors Light over any drink that's pink. So you might find what I'm about to say a little shocking...I'm totally obsessed with the big "R". Romance.  I love mushy love songs, sob like a child during romantic comedies (and well executed Visa commercials incidentally enough,) and anything Jane Austen... but the pinnacle for me is romance novels. *gasp* The pariah of literature according to the New York Times and pretty much every literary snob that we all have known at some point in our lives. But I'm here to take a stand.  To come out of the literary closet.  I love smutty romance novels. 

Growing up, I was very quick to pick up reading, literally devouring the books appropriate for "my age" and quickly became bored with the traditional Babysitters Clubs and Sweet Valley High books that my peers were reading...and then my parents were reading (I read everything John Grisham wrote by the time I was ten,) and then moved on to the "hard stuff." Shakespeare? Bronte? Wallace? Nope. ROBERTS. Nora Roberts.  Nora who you may ask?  Go look at your mom's bookshelf.  It's like a mom rule.  Moms love Nora.

I'll never forget my first experience with Nora.  We were on a family camping trip and I'd run out of reading material, (not a good moment for Ashley Fears,) and so (surely without thinking about what she was about to do,) my mother handed me a worn paperback copy of Sanctuary.  Oh. my. lawd...  There was murder. There was mystery. There was sex.  But best of all, there were female characters who didn't just sigh (their milky white bosom heaving,) and wait for prince charming, (who inevitably would look like Fabio,) to ride up and save them.  They were complex, interesting, and flawed women who had interesting jobs and interests & didn't want to immediately get married and breed.  I became a total Nora devotee.

Now I'm not sitting here saying that I only read chick lit, or that you should somehow offer Nora the next Pulitzer for literature.  Her books are incredibly formulaic, from the initial meeting where the characters meet, (who are always incredibly attractive and mutually attracted to one another/repulsed by one another,) to the inevitable fight, break up, the near brush with death/the killer, (if there is one,) and finally the "we realize that we can't live without each other and that's okay" ending.  And I love every predictable minute of it.  There's really nothing like getting lost in one of Nora's artfully detailed worlds for a few hours, or a few days, (generally the time it takes me to tear through one of her novels.)  You know it's just going to be a lovely adventure with a happy ending.  And sometimes, that's all we really need right?  (Regardless what the New York Times says.)

New York Recap...

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

As many of you know I had a little weekend vacation to visit my bf Andrew in New York and had the most wonderful time!  We basically spent the weekend hanging out, visiting antique markets and street art in Brooklyn, eating some wonderful street food and tiny restaurants, playing games, and spending tons of time in the amazing weather.  It couldn't have been lovelier.  Per usual I totally forgot my camera in the good time we were having, but I wanted to share a few of my Instagram snapshots with you all! Enjoy :)
Don't you just love weekend trips?? xoxo Fearsy

Tattoosday: Camera Tattoos

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

It's getting warmer outside and you know what that means...pretty sundresses and visible tattoos! (These are a few of my faaaaavorite things...)  While visiting Andrew in NYC this weekend I saw some of the most awesome tattoos on people while laying around in the park.  (Isn't people watching the best?!?)  One guy's tattoo in particular caught my fancy, it was a wonderful black and grey vintage camera.  (I collect vintage cameras, so I was especially smitten.)  Without wanting to be a total creeper and ask for a photo, I quickly came home and set out to find some super pretty camera tattoos to share with you all.  Enjoy!

*The shading and detail of this tattoo make me so happy.  (And I totally wish I owned this camera...)
Image via: Jeff Oliver
* Vintage cameras are so pretty, and this girl seems so happy!
Image via: Delight
* I'm literally lusting after the IRL cameras as much as the tattoos! 
Image via: Drops of Jupiter
*Sometimes a simple line drawing is just so sweet.
Image via: Victoria Lubach
* You don't see many camera tattoos in color, which makes this one even more special.
Image via: Viva la Vida
*Y'all know I've linked before to Elsie's AMAZING land camera tattoo, but this one is so pretty too!  Land Cams are the best...
Image via: Jessie Barber
* I love diagrams of all sorts, especially in tattoos.
Image via: Sylvia LS
*The even have temporary tattoos!  This one is pretty cute :)
Image via: goobox

Giveaway: Portrait from Elycia

Monday, April 16, 2012

So remember when I told you I'd have some crazy exciting news for you today?  Well It's finally here, my first EVER blog giveaway!  Remember the portrait from Ms. Elycia I showed you last week?  (It's part of my new blog header b/c I love it SOOO much!)  Well, today we're giving away a portrait to one of you, my wonderful blog readers, by Elycia!  Wahhhoooooo!!! 

What: One custom portrait by the wonderful Elycia (her's another example with the lovely Meredith from One Sheepish Girl...)

 When: You have until midnight April 22nd to enter

How to enter: 1) Follow my blog (you can do this by clicking on the Google Friend Connect button or Follow by Email.)  2) Leave me a comment in the comments section of this post letting me know your favorite blog feature or anything you'd like to see in the future :)  (I love comments!!)

Optional bonus entries: (please leave a separate comment for each optional entry or they won't be counted!)
* Follow Elycia's blog Love, Elycia & drop her a line saying hello!
* Like our blogs on Bloglovin (Mine & Elycia's)
* tweet about the giveaway (feel free to use the following...)
I entered to win a custom portrait from @LoveElycia on the @Afearsy blog today! 

I'll be announcing the winner on Monday the 23rd.  Good Luck Everyone!!

What's Making Me Happy

Friday, April 13, 2012

Happy Friday Friday Friday everyone!!  I'm just packing up my things for a quick trip to NYC to see Mr. B, which essentially consists of my attempting to fit 10 outfits for 3 days into a duffel bag... but what if there's a 70's disco party and I didn't bring this dress??? probably goes through my head every time I pack.  I'm a crazy person.

While I'm packing, take a look at some of these wonderful things that are making me very happy this week!

* I've been looking for a pretty vintage typewriter for the longest time now but they're all just so expensive. Sadness. I'm really loving this one though...
Image via: lovevintagefinds
*I'm kinda obsessed with this wall mural from Anthropologie.
Image via: Anthropologie
* I love these custom portrait stamps on Etsy.  What a great way to sign your mail!
Image via: lilmandrill
*I must have these...
Image via: Urban Outfitters

*These terrarium cards are SO pretty.  I want to frame them.
Image via: Quill & Fox

*This made me laugh so much.

*Julie's post about leaving you comfort zone was such a great read.

**Do you love typeography as much as I do?  Then you should definitely take some fonts on a date...

** Have you been to the letters of note website before? It's basically a collection of correspondence from fascinating people, celebrities, politicians, fans, anyone.  This letter from Ansel Adams made me almost cry.  This one from Ronald Dahl was LOVELY as well.

**So I won't lie, I kinda have a thing with heights.  Not a fan. (It probably comes from being so close to the ground to begin with, I'm only 5'2 on a good day.)  Even though these photos terrify me, I am pretty amazed by photographer Dennis Maitland's guts to do it.

** I'm pretty much loving Texts from Hillary, (hey, Hillary is my homegirl,) and I'm especially loving that she has such a wonderful sense of humor about it.

** Just one more.  I literally think Monty does the same thing.

** If you love Mean Girls and the Hunger Games then this is for you. (And we should probably be best friends.)

Total Blog Crush and a dose of adorableness

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

So I have a little blog crush, and let me tell you... it's kind of a big deal.  Most of you have seen Ms. Elycia's adorable blog, Love, Elycia before now, but I need to say, if you haven't.... go and check out her blog. Right now. I'll wait.

Am I right or what??  She's the cat's meow. 

I've been smitten with her quirky style, vintage and color love, ever changing AMAZING hair colors, and general awesomeness for quite some time now, so naturally I jumped at the opportunity to have her do a portrait of the little Monster and I when she announced that she was doing commissions.  I frantically emailed her to get on the list and let me tell you, she's pretty much the sweetest person ever.  I just received the print from her today and OMG it's adorable.  I literally can't stop smiling when I see it & can't wait to hang it on my wall! Check it out...

Cutest thing ever right?  If that's not enough, Elycia is pretty much the sweetest girl around & I'm so excited to have made a new blog friend!  (This is why I love blogging, the community is the best.)  Anyhoo, head over to her blog to see some of her other drawings here and here and here. She's just so talented! 

***Stay tuned for a super exciting announcement regarding Ms. Elycia next week. (I'm so excited I could burst :)  Happy Hump Day everyone!
xoxo Fearsy

Tattoosday: Cameos

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

For the longest time, I've been a huge fan of vintage cameos in jewelry and art, (they even have inspired my hipster cameo paintings!)  Lately I've been so smitten with beautiful cameo tattoos that ladies, (and even gents,) have been sporting, so I figured that I'd share this weekly dose of pretty tattoos!

*This is a much more modern sketch than the traditional cameo, which I think is so fitting for a man.  It's really great and so mod!  (But does it say Boom on bottom?  I'll pass on that :)
Via: Tattoo Guy
* A lot of the time around the ankle tattoos don't seem to work, but I can't get enough of this one.  I love the pinup portrait, (I'm really obsessed with pinup girls, there will probably be a post in this little blog's future!)
Image via: Siren Song

*  I stumbled upon the blog th'ink and am totally obsessed with it now!  I love Alice's story of how she came to the tattoo and all of the process pictures. And the tattoo (by Andrea Furci,) is so lovely!
Image via: th'ink

*  Everything about this photo is so wonderful!  I'd always been a little wary about chest tattoos, but the more I see the more I really like them!  I love that this one looks like a huge necklace. 
Image via: Dolly Macabre
*  This cameo seemed like such a pretty take on the skeleton girl cameo that's been all over the place.  I think it's SO beautiful.  I want it on me right now :)
Image via: sunnybuick
*  Cameos aren't just for people!  This bunny sorta looks like Queen Victoria...
Image via: Gene Coffey
*  The squirrel and pigeon totally crack me up and the tattoo is soooo pretty. 
Image via: Whisper the dark
 * Lastly, I couldn't get enough of this beautiful tattoo and the amazing shading and detail.  Gah, I'm already ready for a new one! 
Image via: Emily Rose
xoxo Fearsy