Irrational things that Make Me Cry (Or why Mindy Kaling and I should be best friends.)

Thursday, May 31, 2012

I've been reading the oh-so-hilarious book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? by Mindy Kaling, literally laughing out loud on the train, when I came upon the chapter that essentially sealed our impending BFF status for life, aptly entitled Non-Traumatic Things That Have Made Me Cry.   It's like she can see inside my brain.

Why you ask?  Well, I'm a crier. Crier might not even be the correct term, it's really like super sobber.  I'm not just talking about the moments where all feeling humans would cry, like a Nicholas Sparks movie, (which I believe are specifically designed because Nicholas Sparks likes watching people cry...)  but generally non-sad, even happy moments that have driven me to tears faster than you can snap your fingers. (I believe I began crying during the opening credits of The Help, simply because I knew what was going to happen...)  I've listen a few of these moments in no particular order...

Commercials with inspirational aspirations
Seriously, a good commercial can make me sob like a child who dropped their Popsicle in the sand.  There are two levels of commercial crying for me, those that are intentionally heartbreaking, (essentially any commercial created for the Olympics see: runner who falls down below.Derek Redmond commercial below.)

The second level involves the killer combination of helpless baby animals and their loving animal parents helping them out.  You know what I'm talking about .  That damn baby Clydesdale Budweiser commercial will make me cry right now just thinking about it. 

Live Music Moments When I'm Awkwardly Surrounded By People
There's something about seeing your favorite artists live that can make any song infinitely more poignant as they're singing their hearts out 100 feet from you than when you're lying on your bed listening to a record.  These moments tend to strike me at inopportune times, cue: Me at Iron & Wine's Radio City concert last January surrounded by my friends who were clearly not sobbing.  (I partially blame this on my ability to surround myself with friends who believe feelings are passe, making them occasional soulless robots who refuse to hug me or experience any form of friendly touching.  I'm talking to you Lo.)  I'm pretty much a Sam Beam megafan, so I had done a decent job of simply silently sobbing throughout the majority of the concert, but then he had to whip out the big guns with The Trapeze Swinger.  I know every last word to this song but you'd never know it because I was a blubbering mess throughout it's entirety.  (Note: I believe the real tears begin around the lyrics "And then they went on to say that the Pearly Gates/ Had some eloquent graffiti/ Like 'We'll meet again' and 'Fuck the man'/ And 'Tell my mother not to worry'  If this doesn't make you cry, I truly believe that you have a fuse box for a heart.)

When I Am Incredibly Angry
Fairly straightforward... If I'm angry enough to cut you, I'll probably also have tears streaming down my face.  This would make me the worlds most confusing hitman/ interrogating officer like those in The Closer and Law & Order.

Television Weddings

When my favorite TV characters finally end up together, I am happier than when some friends get married.  (Sorry guys.) i.e. Kelly and Zach's wedding from the Saved by the Bell wedding TV special, Andy & April's wedding on Parks and Rec, and Jim and Pam finally tying the know on The Office. These moments bring on waterworks like you can't believe. (And incidentally, any sort of choreographed dance moves that take place during these televised moments.... I'm dying.) 

Basically Anything Pixar Ever Creates
 The montage in which Jessie reveals her cynicism lingering from Emily's abandonment? Waterworks. When Marlin's will is broken after seeing his son, apparently dead?  Dear lord hand me a box of Kleenex.The opening montage to Up when we see Carl Fredrickson and his wife growing old together till their eventual separation?  Jesus Christ I'm dying.  When Wall-E's eyes fill with joy and hope upon Eva's return only to find her reprogrammed and seemingly not remembering him?  There are no words. Based on their beauty alone I can bring up some serious tears,  but the epic journeys and tales of friendship in each story leaves me an exhausted sobbing mess.  I literally have to prepare for these moments.

DIY wrap bracelets

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lately, I've been completely smitten with the multiple bracelet trend that has popped up here and there, but being the tightwad I am, I simply cannot allow myself to spend the often ridiculous amounts of money that said bracelets cost in my favorite shops.  Knowing that my favorite phrase of late is, I can TOTALLY make that myself, I decided to try my hand at a couple of simple wrap bracelets to start off my summer collection of wrist candy.  I liked the idea of a simple braid base with a few snazzy extras and ended up with two variations of the same bracelet.  I won't even lie how easy these bad boys were!  Here's what you need...

Bracelet #1
*fabric strips (I always have a lot of scrap fabric lying around from various projects so this was a great use of that scrap pile.)
* beads (I loved the organic look of these wooden beads, but you could use anything, just get creative!)
* blunt ended needle (to pull fabric through those tiny holes in the beads!)

1) when cutting your fabric strips, I tried to roughly measure the length of fabric I needed by wrapping some fabric around my wrist twice. (Real exact I know.)  Make sure to allow for a tiny bit of shortening when you braid it.)  Make 1 strip an inch or two longer than necessary in order to create a slip-know closure.

2) Lots of people like to tape down their scraps to braid, but I'm real classy, so I tend to just put it in my mouth and hold it my teeth. 

3) Start braiding!  I strung beads throughout the braid every inch or two evenly throughout the bracelet.

4)  At the end of the braid you're going to make a simple knot. To create the slip knot simply don't pull the longer strip all the way through so that it creates a loop.  For the opposite end, you'll need to string one more bead, (one that fits through the slip-knot you've just created,) knotting it securely. 

5)   Cut off excess fabric at the ends and trim off any overly ridiculous loose threads.  (it's supposed to be a little frayed looking ,but you can cut off the extra.)

Bracelet #2
* Suede cording
* Thin necklace chain
* jewelry clasps
* wire cutter (I used the wire cutting part of a pair of pliers) for cutting the chain.
*needle and thread in similar colors

1)  You're going to start this bracelet pretty much the same way you did on the bracelet about, instead with the chain and suede.  

2) The real difference in this bracelet was the connecting ends.  Using your needle and thread sew together both ends of the bracelet.  Your jewelry clasps should have small spaces to slip onto the chain then simply clamp together with your trusty pliers.  (You can also just sew the clasps on, whatever floats your boat!)

3) Boom! Instant coolness for your wrists.

Peter Aurisch Tattoos

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I've seen a lot of tattoos in my searching, but I've never seen anything like those of Peter Aurisch, owner of Nevada Johnny in Berlin, Germany.  I am in complete awe of his tattooing style, using geometric lines, splashes of color, and life abstractions to create something completely unique and beautiful.  You can bet that if I ever get to Berlin, I'm gonna do my darnedest to get in and see this gentleman!  Take a look at some of this beautiful ink...

1. Double Raven Tattoo: This is Colossal
2. Head and Heart Tattoo: Visual News
3. Fox Tattoo: Flickr
4. Grizzly Tattoo: This is Colossal
5. Zebra Tattoo: Mundo Flaneur
6. Windmill Tattoo: Sign Magazine
7. Flamingo Tattoo: Sign Magazine
8. Little Red Tattoo: Sign Magazine


Monday, May 28, 2012

Reading:  I just finished two wonderful books this week, The Book Thief and The Girl Who Chased the Moon.  They were very different stories, but so very wonderful!  (Look forward to a couple of book reviews coming soon!)  I've got a whole list of books to read, I'm thinking about starting Stephen King's The Stand which was recommended by a friend.  Any suggestions guys?

Watching: America the Story of Us.  So I'm totally a documentary/mini-series fanatic, especially those that are focused on American History.  This mini-series is EPIC.  Like, totally amazing.  It's basically shot as a reenactment of most of the major events in our history since the Pilgrims landed sprinkled with thoughts from all sorts of history buffs, from actors, to politicians, etc.  I'm not joking guys, it's awesome.  (Oh, and I also watched the new X-Men, three words... Michael. Fasbender. MEOW.) 

Thinking About: All of my upcoming plans now that Summer appears to be officially here! I'm hoping to get in a lot of trips to the beach, some of the local amusement parks, and camping trips... plus as many picnics in the park as I can take.  SO excited.

Anticipating: Andrew's visit this upcoming weekend.  We've had really tight schedules since I was in NYC and haven't been able to plan a trip.  I can't wait for us to have a weekend together.  Lots of pictures this time, I promise :)

Listening to:  The Wailin' Jennys. I' m just plain obsessed with these ladies.  Their harmonies and the purity in their voices give me goosebumps every time.  So beautiful.
The Wailin Jennys by Ashley Fears on Grooveshark  
Eating:  Emilie over at Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, & Thyme made the most scrumptious smores cake yesterday that's featured on her blog today.  I'm in chocolate and marshmallow heaven!  ( She's doing a giveaway on her blog as well, I don't know about y'all, but I'm totally keeping my fingers crossed on this one!)

Working on: My guest post for Emilie's hiatus, (she and the boys from My Politic are going on tour!)  We're going to have a couple of fun summer cocktails for y'all!  Also, still working on making pretty things, isn't my new vintage fabric SO pretty?

Wishing: That I could be home on the lake with my family this weekend, Memorial Day is one of my favorite times with them! 

What's Making Me Happy

Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy Friday y'all!

*This gallery of photos from inside hot air balloons is beautiful.

*Y'all know I love me some Japanese washi tape (and pretty much all things pretty stationary related.)  Cute tape has so much pretty stuff to chose from, I want it all!

*Brainbow might have become one of my all time favorite Etsy shops, I'm totally in love with these earrings and this clock!

*I wish I would have thought of this business card first... hilarious.

* I'm obsessed with Nikki's deer-a-day 365 challenge.  I'm so jealous of her deer collection!
 *I can't wait to make this scallop art from You Are My Fav. Maybe I'll make pillows.

 *Y'all know I love Kate over at Scathingly Brilliant, and I just discovered her adorable artwork as well.  Check out her Flapper Doodle site. 
*I want this pillow from Modcloth so badly!
* And this sweatshirt too!
*If you have ever played Plants vs. Zombies, you're gonna love this candle from Bubbles & Geek.  I want it!

 *Who doesn't love Kristen Wiig?  Her website is epic.  Yup. That's it.  

*This website is just about the little things

*I DO want to be Leslie Knope!  

Book Nook: Insurgent

Thursday, May 24, 2012

 Do y'all remember when I told you about a new dystopian novel Divergent a couple of months ago?  (Click here to read my's okay, I'll wait.)  Caught up?  Good.  Because I have been waiting to tell you ALL ABOUT Book two of the series, Insurgent.  I'm not even gonna lie to y'all, I'm still totally loving this series.  I've heard a little bit of flack recently surrounding the rise in YA dystopian novels specifically with the comparisons to the wonderful Hunger Games series and Roth's Divergent series and the obvious similarities that lie within nearly ALL YA novels of this nature.  While I can see how people would make the connections, I just can't agree with those who say that it's ripping off Collins' series, especially after reading book 2. 

In Insurgent, picking up immediately where Divergent left off, we find Tris struggling with both the loss of her parents and the knowledge that she has killed one of her closest friends after the Dauntless raids on the Abnegation compounds while under a mind-controlling serum developed by the Erudite. In the aftermath of the massive destruction, the Dauntless are split amongst the faction between those who have allied with Erudite and the outcasts (such as Tris and Four) who are now being hunted down by their former faction-mates.  Finding brief sanctuary within other factions, (such as the peace-loving Amity & the truth-seeking Candor) and even the factionless, the bonds between friends are tested, with each having to face both the good and bad sides of what has defined them within their faction   All the while war and hard-kept secrets begin to surface, threaten the very safety and peace which the factions were created to uphold. 

Vague enough for y'all?! I apologize for that, but really there's way too much to spoil for you, I'd much rather you dig into this series for yourselves.  One of Roth's strengths as a young writer is in the development of her characters in a way that highlights their strengths and their flaws and how each can play off the another.  The fact that Tris is in such a constant state of conflict, her pride, her pigheadedness, and even her ability to be so unlikeable at times... it makes her reactions to the situations so much more real and believable, even when you think she's an idiot for choosing those paths.  

I was initially concerned about the whole YA Book 2 curse, (sequels so rarely live up to their predecessors,) but Roth really did a wonderful job of developing the story with the right amount of plot twists and surprises, and yes, even a little teenage angst.  (I can't say how HAPPY I am that she hasn't gone down the cursed Twilight and Hunger Games path of a love triangle... It's such a distraction!  Although there were a few times where I just wanted them to GET IT ON already and stop having passionate kisses and strong embraces. Gag. There's a WAR going on people! Do it.)  

Laying it all out there, I'm going to go out on a limb and sat that I really felt that this book was even better that Divergent.  Roth was able to move away from those similarities to other aforementioned YA novels and really create a distinct and different story.  (I specifically  appreciated Tris' conflict with her actions during the raid, the trauma of having to continue on as normal, and the remorse she felt for her fallen friends; Roth's ability to strip down this character was something of a refreshing change and something I could really connect with.)  There's also a pretty epic twist at the end of the book, (no spoilers,) that I promise will have you riveted to your seat waiting on the next installment.  For those of you who love dystopian YA novels, this book is for you.  For those of you who love action, adventure, and a teensy bit of romance, this book is for you.  (For those of you who don't like to read...sorry.  Come back tomorrow :) 

Posting Next: The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

Reading Next: The Girl Who Chased The Moon by Susan Addison Allen

*** I've been thinking of starting a little monthly bloggy book club if there's interest?  I'd love to have a little mini-panel with any readers who would like to share their thoughts in a post or two about upcoming books and such, if you're interested email me (or post in the comments) and we'll get it started!  For the time being I'll be posting the upcoming books below the current book review.  I literally just finished The Book Thief and will be writing a review on it shortly, but would love to possibly discuss The Girl Who Chased the Moon?  Holler at me!  xoxo Fearsy

Learning to be domestic...

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I'm gonna brag a little today... I totally baked a pie.  I AM OFFICIALLY A WOMAN!  

Let me back up... you know my wonderful little chef Miss Emilie over at Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & Thyme?  Well, she totally almost chopped off her finger last weekend, Kill Bill style.  (Warning: apparently Mandolin slicers should be handled with care.)  Well, after wrapping up her stub, FINISHING DINNER for the men in her house, and then almost passing out, we figured that it was possibly not a wise move for her to be playing with flour and salt, (ouch!) for a while until she had healed. As Emilie could no more stop cooking than stop breathing,guess who stepped in to get all sous chef under Emilie's tutelage....that's right THIS GIRL.  (I should let you all know that while I make a killer spaghetti & meat sauce and tacos, my culinary talents are pretty limited, so this is a pretty major accomplishment.)  You can read all about it, (and get the amazing's mouthwatering,) over at Emilie's blog, and while you're there, look at all of her other absolutely scrumptious food.  She is pretty much the reason that I eat anything beyond the aforementioned spaghetti and tacos.  You won't regret it. 

Tattoosday: Children's Literature Inspirations

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

 I'm not even gonna lie to y'all, I am totally obsessed with Lena Dunham's new TV show, Girls. It's so real, it's SO funny, I just can't get enough. ( I mean really can't get enough, I have officially been Internet stalking Lena Dunham for weeks now.)  Aside from her general awesomeness, I have been obsessing over her pretty b&w shoulder and back pieces (of which I can only find one picture of, boo!) both which are based on children's story illustrations. I got to thinking about all of the wonderful story book tattoos I've seen (hellooooo Ryan Gosling's giving tree if there aren't enough reasons to love him,) and figured it would be a perfect feature this week.  Enjoy these lovelies!


1. Lena Dunham's shoulder tattoo via NPR
2. Maurice Sendak Where the Wild Things Are tattoo via Complex
3. The Phantom Tollbooth tattoo via lydia bullock flickr
4. Winnie the Pooh tattoo via kate_did flickr
5. Shel Silverstein "hug of war" tattoo via Corntrariwise
6. Brett Helquist Lemony Snicket tattoo via Contrariwise

Birchbox Review

Monday, May 21, 2012

 I've always loved trying out new beauty products, but with my semi-problematic skin I'm always wary about spending the big bucks on something that's going to make me break out like a 13 year old again. I've heard about Birchbox, a monthly subscription surprise box of beauty goodies, and thought, hey, this seems like an awesome way to try out some of the products I'm to cheap or chicken to buy basically risk free?! After seeing so many positive reviews on a few of my favorite blogs, I decided to take the plunge, signed up and eagerly awaited the little pink box to arrive in the mail. (Birchbox sends out packages on the tenth of every month.)
  Upon the arrival of my first box I eagerly tore through the packaging, (Gossip Girl themed this month,) and got down to examining my goodies. (The contents of the box can be seen below.) 
I wanted to wait a while to post this in order to test the products before I did the review, but it's been about a week now and I can say that while I'm not completely blow over by this month's contents, there were a couple of items that totally made the $10 worth it. 
What I liked:  
The Algenist anti-aging moisturizer, which was a really great size, has made my skin feel nice and smooth for the week I've been wearing it.  I'll definitely need to try it out for another week or so to make sure it doesn't cause any major break-outs, but so far so good. 

 The Color Club nail polish in Clambake Coral.  Totally my favorite part of the box.  I'd actually been meaning to buy coral nailpolish for a while now, so I was already excited, and the color turned out perfect.  It even made my lily white skin look a little tanner!

The cute little stationary note cards that said "XOXO" on them. (which of course I didn't remember to take a picture of.)  I love little extras like that, and I have totally already used it in a recent art journal page. (Not the intended use, but cute nonetheless.) 

What I didn't:
I tried out the  Kerastase shampoo and conditioner, and while it wasn't horrible, I didn't see a noticeable change in how my hair felt.  At $36 and $39 a bottle, I think I'll pass. Same goes for the Kerastase shine serum.  I have pretty fine hair, so I try to not use products like shine serums that weigh my hair down more.  Just not for me.

What I'm reserving judgement on:
The Miracle Skin Transformer blemish and SPF treatment for the body.  I've only used it once, so I can't speak fully for this product yet.  I will say that it left a lovely light catching shimmer on my arms and collarbone where applied, but after looking at my hands, it sort of looked like I'd been attacked by the glitter fairy.  I'll definitely be washing those after using this product again :)
All in all I can say that I'm pleased with the box and am looking forward to the next one when it comes in.  (Crossing my fingers on getting more nail polishes and maybe a fun new scent, I'm on the prowl!)  

***Are any of you trying out the Birchbox as well?  How have you liked it so far?  I'm kinda obsessed with subscription services at the moment, so I am aways looking for suggestions!) xoxo Fearsy

What's Making Me Happy

Friday, May 18, 2012

Lately it seems like every week has been going by faster and faster, I could hardly believe it was already time for the weekend!  The weather has FINALLY taken a turn for the lovely, so I've been trying to cram in as much time outdoors as possible, walks with Monty, trips to the zoo, and having cold beverages outdoors with friends...if that doesn't make you happy I don't know what will.  Here are just a few more things I'm loving this week...

* This is the greatest thing I've seen all week.  From it I learned: 1) Kids are awesome, British kids are more awesome. 2) I agree curly headed kid, everyone should be more like Elton John. 3) This might be the first dubstep song I've actually half liked. (Probably the British kids.)

*Comics like this one from Taylor...she's so good and only 17!

*Haha this is too funny. (And true...even I was a sorority girl once. gasp.)

* I've told you that I'm smitten with vintage sheets...and I found my new favorite sheet dealer ever!! Rebecca over at A Very Lovely Life has a super cute little vintage etsy, the best being her vintage bedding.  She finds loners, (a problem that is common in vintage linens,) and pairs them with similar colors and styles to make a whole set.  I just got mine in (below) and now I have the cutest bed EVER.  I can't wait to sleep.

* I love gingers.  LOVE them.  Kaitlin Rose, this is for you. (And all of my other wonderful gingers.)

*As a cardinals fan, I LOVE THIS. 
 As someone dating a Yankees fan, I love this almost as much.
 (There are more funny baseball here.)

* The Ricky Martin of Chihuahuas.

* Genius!
* Most people know that I'm pretty obsessed with retro fashion and pinup girls & the New York Times recently did a really interesting article about it.  Worth a read.

* Hello Giggles' article for people who suck at DIY's is too funny. I love project #2.

*In honor of the queen's jubilee Harrods asked designers to re-imagine Queen Elizabeth's crown.  Pretty groovy.

A Picture an Hour: May 12

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

9 a.m. // This is generally how I wake up...Monty staring longingly into my eyes approximately 2 inches from my face...
 10 a.m. // It actually took me a while to actually force myself out of bed... Monty and I finally rolled out and did our Saturday morning power walk to the baseball fields.  
11 a.m. // On my way to meet Lo, with a WONDERFUL walk through the park.  I always love when the Swan Boats finally come out.
 12 p.m. // I cannot walk past a PaperSource without going inside.  They have the prettiest things!
1 p.m. // Lo and I with our giant coffees ready to take on a pretty Saturday.  Waiting on the bus to go to the Franklin Park Zoo, someone doesn't like their picture taken... 
 2 p.m. // Finally made it to the zoo!  Won't lie, not the greatest zoo I've ever been to, but a perfect day to spend with a friend in the sunshine.
 Goofin around...
3 p.m. // We faced two fears that day... giant birds, (that turned out to be fake, but terrified us nonetheless,) and snakes.  ICK.
 4 p.m. // There is nothing cuter than a sleeping hippo...
 Except for maybe a sleeping lion...
 And baby gorillas.... I die.
 5 p.m. // Stopping by the greatest burrito place in the world for some much needed sustenance.... (If you don't like Chipolte I'm not sure we can be friends ;)
6 p.m. // Home for a little R&R, preparing for this week's blog posts with the greatest calendar in the entire world, and getting ready to meet Lo for round 2 and drinks.  What a day!  

*** Hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into my Saturday, it was really fun to take pictures all day, I can't wait to do it again! xoxo Fearsy