Tattoosday: Children's Literature Inspirations

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

 I'm not even gonna lie to y'all, I am totally obsessed with Lena Dunham's new TV show, Girls. It's so real, it's SO funny, I just can't get enough. ( I mean really can't get enough, I have officially been Internet stalking Lena Dunham for weeks now.)  Aside from her general awesomeness, I have been obsessing over her pretty b&w shoulder and back pieces (of which I can only find one picture of, boo!) both which are based on children's story illustrations. I got to thinking about all of the wonderful story book tattoos I've seen (hellooooo Ryan Gosling's giving tree if there aren't enough reasons to love him,) and figured it would be a perfect feature this week.  Enjoy these lovelies!


1. Lena Dunham's shoulder tattoo via NPR
2. Maurice Sendak Where the Wild Things Are tattoo via Complex
3. The Phantom Tollbooth tattoo via lydia bullock flickr
4. Winnie the Pooh tattoo via kate_did flickr
5. Shel Silverstein "hug of war" tattoo via Corntrariwise
6. Brett Helquist Lemony Snicket tattoo via Contrariwise


  1. Awwwe. These tattoos are so cute!

  2. Those are so sweet. I've always been tempted to get a Poky Little Puppy tattoo, because I LOVE LOVE LOVED that book when I was a kid.


  3. i have a shel silverstein lil' piano playing lady on my thigh. she makes me over the moon happy i catch a glimpse of her!

  4. April, I love the idea of Poky the Puppy, that was one of my favorite books as well! Anna Marie, you should send me a pic of your tattoo so I can feature it on here! It sounds lovely!

  5. Dear favorite niece, It is apparent to me that we have have been shucked from the same ear of corn...Did I ever tell you of my children's book collection? As a childless person, some people think it odd, but to me it is celebrating an under-appreciated art form. So I have collected some vintage Maurice Sendak, Shel Silverstein, Mary Blair, and Miroslav Sasek, then added contemporaries like Lemoney Snickett, Lane Smith & Jon Scieszka. I just love good art.