Tattoosday: On the Road

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Remember a while back when I told y'all about some big life changes that were happening in the near future?  I know I've been holding out on y'all with any additional news for weeks now, and before you jump to any wild conclusions, (no I'm not pregnant Lauren, you're going to jinx me sometime you know,) I wanted to finally share the big news!  This time next week I will be packing up the moving truck, strapping Monty into his doggie seat belt, and driving back to the great state of Missouri!  

As some of you know, I've been finished with my graduate degree for a few months now and after a lot of deliberating, have decided that the best place for me to begin planning the next steps of my "adult" life is back at home, where i can save some money, send out about 100 resumes, and be closer to my family.  I'm not going to lie, I'm a little (LOT) scared to head back with basically no job/plan, but I've been interviewing at a few places, and will hopefully have more exciting news for you soon in the form of a J.O.B.! (If you know of any cities in need of know who to call.)  I'm going to be missing my Boston family SO much, but I'll be seeing y'all all the time (and sleeping on all of your couches when I'm in town :) I'll be filling y'all in on my final Boston days and of course take lots of photos (of which I will likely be in 0... drat) of my super road trip from east to midwest!  Wish me luck!

In the spirit of the epic adventure I'm about to embark on, I went out in search of some pretty perfect "on the road tattoos."  (Remember the Kerouac tattoo I shared in this post?  It's great too.)  Hope you enjoy! 

Images via
 // Inkah // Shock Mansion // Pinterest // bbcrc //

Monthly Mixtape: On Repeat

Thursday, July 26, 2012

It really should come as no surprise to anyone that basically the past month of my life has been in eager anticipation of this week's Newport Folk Festival trip and the absolutely epic time I expect to have. (Even in the rain, which it's supposed to do basically the whole time.  See later photos of my looking like a drowned rat I'm sure.)  Though I'm totally excited to see basically EVERYONE who's playing this year, there are a couple of bands that I can nearly guarantee that will cause me to dance, cry, sing along, and potentially throw my panties onstage (Sam Beam, I'm talking to you,) though not necessarily in that order :) These are them....(they....those...? awesome English skills I know.) 

Alabama Shakes
If I could only see one band this weekend this would be it.  This record hasn't left my record player in weeks.  (And I can totally attest to the fact that this record MUST be listened to on vinyl.)  With a groovy 60's vibe paired with Brittany Howard's Janis Joplin-y vocals the Alabama Shakes may have just become my new favorite band.  Check out two of my favorite songs off their latest album...

First Aid Kit
Swedish sisters Klara and Johanna Soderberg were made to play at Newport.  With their folksy sound and vocal harmonies these ladies will have you mesmerized. 

Patty Griffin
True story: play Patty Griffin and I'll immediately start weeping. I can't articulate how much I am moved by Patty's voice.  This is my first opportunity to finally get to see Patty and you can bet I'll be in the front row.  Listen to Heavenly Day, try not to cry...

Brown Bird
The Rhode Island band Brown Bird is one of those bands that I straight up wouldn't have heard of  if it weren't for Newport, (they debuted last year at the festival,) but I am SO glad that I've heard of them.  They play a ridiculous amount of instruments in this dark folky style that I'm totally obsessed with. (And helloooo that beard. Oh that beard.)

 The Head and the Heart
Ultimate Road Trip Music.  This is one of my favorite albums to drive down a long winding road to and naturally, I'm going to be jamming during their set.

The Tallest Man on Earth
Y'all have heard me wax poetic about Kristian Matsson before on this blog but I just can't help it.  I think I may have burned a hole in this record from playing it so much last year.  I haven't heard a lot of his newest album yet but I'm so stoked to see it live.

 Iron & Wine
Okay...duh. I basically want to be Sam Beam's wife...or dedicated tambourine player, whichever comes first.  I will never NOT see this man play.  And weep like a child.  Guaranteed.

Cinsperation: What's Your Number?

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I'm a big fan of cinematic adventures as a whole, and recently watched the movie What's Your Number, a cute little chick flick with the hilarious Anna Faris and the often naked-ish Chris Evans (yeah. worth the rental fee alone.)  On top of being so excited to see my little neighborhood in a movie (it is literally filmed in front of my apartment for a large part of the movie,) but I became OBSESSED with Ana Farris' adorable apartment.  I love the whitewashed brick walls, ironwork, teal stove, vintage biology posters and the amazing couch.... it's incredible!  The set designer did a beautiful job of mixing patterns, vintage pieces, and newer elements to create a really lovely space. 

 Immediately after watching the movie I had to scour the Internet for images of the amazing apartment space and stalk that green couch. Ohhh that green couch.  I wanted to share some of my favorite pieces with y'all as well as look for similar pieces for my own home (and yours too!)  
Set Images via: Set Decorators 

Tattoosday: Xoil

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I'm feeling a little under the weather today, so forgive the lack of words, my DayQuil haze is apparently affecting my typing.  Oops :)  Enjoy these fantastic tattoos from French tattoo artist Xoil of Needles Side Tattoos.  They're pretty amazing.  

What's Making Me Happy

Friday, July 20, 2012

*This pretty print.


 *This hot rod trike.

 *This little flashback to one of my favorite new actors, Rebel Wilson. (Btw totally naming my child rebel.  Such an awesome name!)  I'm totally obsessed with her and her upcoming movies Pitch Perfect and Bachelorette!
 *This tumblr that collects the awesome live tweets from Retta on Parks and Rec and pairs them with screengrabs.  I've been dying laughing.
*I am in love with Amy Pohler all the time, but especially because of this video series...

*This list of everyday things we're all guilty of.  I do ALL of these.

*This post of the 19 Best Moments of Being Young.

* This is basically the greatest book review I've ever read. I'm apologizing in advance to all of my friends and readers who loved 50 Shades...but I'm judging you just a tiny bit.  Just a tiny bit!!

Current Obsession: Blogger e-courses

Thursday, July 19, 2012

As a perpetual student, there's nothing that makes me more happy than taking a class in something that I absolutely love.  In the past, while seeking to improve my skills I've taken classes in painting, (now I really want to learn gouache) music, (so I haven't picked up my uke in a while, but I do have it...) roller derby, (which resulted in a fractured kneecap but was a BLAST,) yoga (which I totally dig,) pilates (which I totally don' core SUCKS) and so many more.  I've learned in this time that while I love to take courses with other people, I don't always have the time, money, or interested friends to join me.  This is where e-courses come in. 

When I started this blog I had an idea of what I wanted it to be; the only problem being my complete lack of knowledge of what a personal blog really entailed and contained. (How to start it, what is should say, look like, etc.)  This is when I really started learning about e courses specifically aimed towards people just like me by the bloggers that I found SO inspiring, also playing into my love of learning through classes.  Blogger courses turned into photography courses which turned into arts and crafts get the idea.  I'm addicted.  I wanted to share with y'all some of my favorites that I've been taking over the past couple of years that have really helped to focus my blog, increase my creativity, and serve as amazing inspirations.  Isn't learning FUN?  

For my very first e-course Indie Blogger e-course from Elizabeth of Delightfully Tacky and Tieka of Selective Potential.  This is SUCH a great resource for a super-newbie blogger who isn't incredibly knowledgeable about the mechanics of a blog, as well as the really Blogging 101 questions that I had.  
 My favorite weeks: Blog Design and Photography. 
Price: $30

If you're going to ask my the person who has reaped the most of my hard earned money for e courses, you know it's gotta be Elsie & Emma over at A Beautiful Mess.  The sheer amount of e-courses the offer makes me giddy!  I successively bought Blog Love days after buying the Indie Blogger Course and couldn't have been happier with it.  (And as always, I'm completely inspired by the always amazing photos that Elsie takes.  Really, it's reason enough to buy this little guy.) I found this course most helpful when really deciding on the focus and style of my blog. 
My favorite sessions: Finding Your Online Voice & Photography for Bloggers
Price: $28

Y'all know my total adoration for miss Kaelah Bee over at Little Chief Honeybee so naturally I had to buy her PR and Marketing ebook basically the second she released it.  This bad boy was especially helpful to my once I'd sort of found my blogging voice and had a clearer picture of where I wanted my blog to go.  I find myself constantly referencing this book whenever I am ready to take the next step (like my recent addition of sponsors!)  
My favorite chapter: Reaching out to brands
Price: $25

Shocked that Elsie shows back up on here again?  Not really I know.  :) If you've known me for very long at all you know that I used to be a huge fan of scrapbooking up until college, when, in Missouri, you inevitably create approximately 100 21st birthday shot book pages for friends and sorority sisters.  Needless to say, I got a little burnt out.  I'd been seeing a lot of art journaling on various blogs and decided to take a chance with Elsie and Rachel's Art Journal All Year e-course.  I've gotta say, it's awesome.  There is a prompt for every week including both journaling and art challenges and it's totally got my creative juices flowing.  I haven't had time to really dedicate each week, but I'm slowly but surely filling up my journal.  (I can't wait to share it with y'all!)  
Price: $30

Speaking of Red Velvet ladies, Rachel of Smile and Wave has an amazing e-course Style your Space all about creating a beautiful and unique home.  Since I started reading her blog, I've been swooning over the posts where she features her home and unique collections, especially because we have incredibly similar home decor style. (helloooo anyone who loves vintage sheets gets a gold star in my book!)  I'm still going through this course, excitedly making lists and plans for my next new place, but I can say with total confidence that this course is TOTALLY worth it.  (Plus there are some amazing homes featured from other bloggers AND home DIY's...what's not to love?)  
Price: $28

As some of you may remember, one of my goals for 27 was to learn how to crochet, and with the help of Dana over at Crafty Minx I am totally on my way to being a crocheting wizard!  (Or a really good headband-maker...who knows.)  Dana offers a totally awesome crochet school e-course that takes you through all of the steps, yarns, hooks, stitching... it's amazing.  What makes it even better?  She offers both right and left handed videos for those of us southpaws who hate having to decipher right handed directions.  (And can I say that she has the greatest video tutorial voice ever without sounding totally creepy?  No?  Sorry Dana.)  
Price: Totally FREE.  Dana rocks.

There are a few more courses that are catching my eye lately, I'm thinking these are definitely going to be purchased soon...

* Elizabeth also has a new e-course out called Lovely Brave, a more introspective course about becoming the women we want to be.  It sounds pretty amazing.

*Sarah over at Arrow & Apple has an e-course called The Study of Light totally dedicated guessed and photography!  I have struggled with indoor lighting especially and am SO excited to take this course.  It's a little pricier than I normally do, but I can't pass it up!

*Kara from I Just Might Explode offers a class, The M, covering switching your DSLR over to Manual photography. 

* Jill, Kyla, and LA released Indie Compass not too long ago all about approaching creating your own indie business. 

*Katrina is going to be doing a CSS and HTML course soon that I'm definitely going to be signing up for.

Do y'all have any suggestions for fun e-courses to try out/? Leave me some in the comments! xoxo Fearsy

Tattoosday: Nesting Dolls

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I've been fascinated by Russian nesting dolls since I was a child, (I think I really enjoy the organization in a toy that totally fits into itself...helloooo OCD :)  Anyhoo, I was uuber excited when I started seeing a trend of nesting doll tattoos are a few of my favorites.

July Birchbox Review

Monday, July 16, 2012

Hey y'all, it's that time again, another Birchbox has arrived!  I was pretty excited about this one being as Glamour magazine partnered with it and I've been a huge fan of theirs since I was a teenager.  I've been a bit back and forth about the boxes that I've received in the past and though there were a few not so great pieces, all in all I have been pretty pleased!  Here's what I got this month:
The first thing in my box was the birchbox exclusive, a set of ear buds designed by Birchbox and Glamour.  I was totally excited about these because I've been really needing a new pair, but I was a bit underwhelmed.  They definitely fit in your ears well, but the sound is pretty terrible, very tinny and soft.  Bright side, I've definitely got a back-up pair now!  (Also, I checked out the Spotify playlist that Glamour created for July, they're pretty great!  You can check them out here.)
 Bananas Foster? I was totally pumped to eat this little guy... then I checked the ingredients. Cinnamon.  (I'm totally allergic to cinnamon.  BOO.)  So I gave it to Kaston... I think he liked it? 
 I was totally psyched to see this Stila lip gloss in the box as I'm on my never ending search for a lipgloss/stick that gives my a tiny bit of color.  This was great!  It's a perfect bit of color and shine that stays on forEVER.  The only downside is it's a little sticky, but I can totally deal with that :)
 I am LOVING this perfume.  I generally like a perfume that's clean and light and this totally fits the bill.  I like it so much I may have to buy the big bottle! 
I totally love hair masks so I was immediately stoked for this one, and it's a pretty decent sized sample.  I tend to like to use hair masks for a while to see how they work in the long run but so far it's pretty great.  My hair was so smooth and silky today!  I'll keep y'all updated.
This month Birchbox also included a card with the "highlights from the July issue" with different tips and tricks.  I haven't tried any yet but it's a great idea, I'm excited to see what they're like! 

What's Making Me Happy

Friday, July 13, 2012


*This list.

*This wine bottle label

* This sweatshirt embroidery kit from the Spinsters Emporium

 * If guys were the girls in dating...

*These minimalist Disney posters (click over, there's more!)

*Tee hee. This.

* The website My Life Through Kristin Wigg is amazing.

* These tips to make your live saner are great.