Happy Halloween Y'all!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

If there's one thing I love the most about Halloween, it's seeing all of the amazingly creative costumes that people come up with every year.  For me, I couldn't pass up going as my favorite yellow bird, and of course to poke a little fun in the meantime towards Governor Romney's comments regarding de-funding PBS.  (I think it's pretty clear I object to that notion... I have to have Downton Abbey in my life!)  I thought that for the holiday, I would share a little outfit post for you all, Halloween-style.  I was joined by my little bro, Jonah who went as a 70's coach, and one of my besties, Lucy who dressed up as Fivel Goes West.  Aren't they great?  (And all homemade! I was gluing feathers for DAYS!)  Today, I'm planning on taking my mom's 2nd grade class a little Halloween treat and watching some scary movies while waiting on the trick-or-treaters.  I'm so excited!  What was your Halloween costume? Please link to the pictures in the comments!  xoxo Fearsy

Monthly Mixtape: Indie Halloween

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I've always been a huge lover of seasonal music, (to the extent that I begin playing Christmas music even before Thanksgiving...I know, I know, judge away.) Halloween music has always sort of bored me (how many times can a radio station play the Monster Mash before you're ready to rip your ears off,) so this month I decided to take on the challenge to find fun and modern music for my Halloween festivities. I'm not even gonna lie kids, I think this turned out to be my favorite playlist I've EVER created. I'm very into folk and indie rock artists as a general rule, so you'll find a lot of that here, singing some creepy, spooky and sometimes funny songs for the Day of the Dead. (Bonus points if y'all can figure out which band features the always dream Ryan Gosling!) I hope you enjoy listening to these as much as I do! Happy Spooking! xoxo Fearsy 

 *Side note: My only gripe about 8 Tracks is that they don't let you see the entire playlist until you've listened through, so I'm listing the 19 tracks below as well for you, my wonderful readers. I'd love to hear who sings your favorite songs for All Hallows Eve!
*Double secret sidenote... 8 Tracks somehow isn't working appropriately, so I've attached another player that should work now...sorry about that friends!! An Indie Halloween by Ashley Fears on Grooveshark

Beetlejuice image via the amazing Fab Ciraolo

An Indie Halloween
1. Devil Town - Bright Eyes
2. Red Right Hand - Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
3. Seven Devils - Florence and the Machine
4. I Put A Spell On You - The Kills
5. The are Night Zombies!! They Are Neighbors!! They Have Come Back From The Dead!! - Sufjan Stevens
6. Blue Blood Blues - The Dead Weather
7. My Body's A Zombie For You - Dead Man's Bones
8. Howlin' For You - The Black Keys
9. Fresh Blood - Eels
10. Alone With The Beast Folk - Birdengine
11. A Wolf at the Door - Radiohead
12. Scarecrow - Beck
13. The Ghost Who Walks - Karen Elson
14. Graveyard - Chan VanGaalen
15. Casper the Friendly Ghost - Daniel Johnston
16. The Curse - Cults
17. Ghosting - Mother Mother
18. Dig Gravedigger Dig - Corb Lund
19. Scary Monsters (& Super Freaks) - David Bowie

Some of my fave fright fests...

Monday, October 29, 2012

Even since I was a kid, I have loved a good scare.  As a teenager I can remember having friends over for sleepovers, watching scary movies, playing "bloody mary" and generally scaring ourselves to death.  Nowadays instead of putting on a costume and heading out to collect goodies on Halloween night, I love to get together with a group of friends and watch some of my favorite scary movies. I can't wait to grab a bowl of popcorn and make a friend hold my hand while I scare the pee out of myself again this year!  Here are a few of my Halloween must-watches...

Family Friendly/Nostalgia Movies
Hocus Pocus- This movie really needs no explanation, it's my ultimate Halloween must-see every year. If you tell me that you didn't have a crush on Max I will call you a liar. Not to mention you learned important teenage vocabulary like tubular...and yabbos.  
Practical Magic- Such a great movie with AMAZING scenery and set. (That house was to die for!)  This made me want to move to the coast and create herbal remedies for hair growth...anywhere.  Bonus: Great soundtrack.
The Addams Family-  The Addams Family movies are just plan fun.  I loved Wednesday's sarcastic wit, Fester's crazy antics, and Cousin It's luscious locks...

Death Becomes Her- Even though this movie is a bit dated now, it never fails to still crack me up.  The incredibly physical comedy (which we don't always see with women,) is a perfect mix of stooges and the macabre. 
Drag Me To Hell-  When a movie can make me crack up and scream almost simultaneously I am totally in.  Also, I love Justin Long. He's such a cutie.
 Jennifer's Body- Love her or hate her, Diablo Cody has a way with teenage dialogue.  (Personally, I'm a fan.)  This movie is the perfect combination of gore, fright, and wit. 
Signs- M. Night Shyamalan movies tend to be pretty hit or miss with me, but Signs is a total winner in my book.  With a great cast, a truly suspensful script (when that hand comes of from under the door...I jump a foot every time!) it's already a great movie. Add in Mel Gibson and Joaquin Phoenix's delivery of some of the lines... ("Aughhhh...I'm insane with anger") I die. 

Cult Classics
Halloween-  I love myself a good 80's scary movie and this is simply one of the best.  My favorite thing to do is to sit around with a group of friends with the movie on silent and allow the people to provide the dialogue.  It's so fun. 
Scream- The scream franchise can out at the perfect time when we all loved to have slumber parties in which we'd scare the crap out of each other.  I still love to see these flicks, but #1 (and all the sexy Skeet Ulrich) is the best by far. 
The Craft- Didn't we all try to do light as a feather stiff as a board after watching this movie?  Sixth grade me was totally into this flick and 27 year old me loves it still.

Truly Terrifying
The Strangers- In my opinion, the scariest scenarios in a scary movie are those in which there's never a real explanation to the madness behind the antagonist's actions.  They're just bad.  That is terrifying to me.  On top of the terror, this movie uses music beautifully (what other scary movie utilizes Johnny Cash AND Joanna Newsom?)  as well as the knowledge that sometimes silence is just as scary.  Love. This. Movie.
Paranormal Activities 3- Personally, I think this was an INGENIOUS franchise, utilizing the low budget to almost enhance it's creepiness.  While all of these films freaked me out, this one definitely had me sleeping with a light on. 
When A Stranger Calls- Maybe it's because I live out in the boondocks, maybe it's because I babysat throughout high school, probably a combination of both.  This movie terrified the 15 year old me.  The remake isn't bad, but do yourself a favor and watch the original. "Have you Checked the Children?"

What's your favorite scary movie? (Oh yeah, Scream reference.  Boom.)  xoxo Fearsy


Friday, October 26, 2012

 *This is genius. Kanye Wes song lyrics with Wes Anderson Movie stills.
* This is seriously the greatest sweater ever. I want to be this kid.

*These girls crack me up!

*My sentiments exactly...

*The Perks of Being a Wallflower has been one of my FAVORITE books of all time since I was in the 7th grade (and got in trouble for doing a book report on an inappropriate book...oh conservative midwesterners...) I'm so pumped to see the movie this week FINALLY!  Who wants to join me?

*This beautifully written letter from Special Olympian John Franklin Stephens to Ann Coulter in response to her use of the "r" word.

 *32 of Life's Perfect Moments. SO TRUE.

*This website is full of some pretty dope stuff...

*This made me giggle and giggle... cat bounce.

*I love movie facts, especially these Halloween ones! (Except the It movie fact... that movie literally ruined me for clowns. So scary!)

Halloween Candy Cocktails

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I love candy & I love cocktails, so with the holiday fast approaching, you know I HAD to combine the two! These pretty and delicious drinks are perfect for your next Halloween party and as a way to utilize that leftover candy the trick-or-treaters didn't demolish. (And let me tell you, rum soaked Swedish Fish are IT. (Note to self: Next time I do a cocktail post, I need to have friends around, sampling each of these bad boys left me with a tipsy Tuesday afternoon! What are your favorite Halloween candies? xoxo Fearsy

Wes Anderson Inspired Tattoos

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I've been a huge Wes Anderson fan ever since I watched Rushmore with my older and therefore much cooler cousin's basement. Anderson movies basically represent my dream world with beautiful sepia tones, vintage EVERYTHING, and a combination of dry wit and sweet simplicity that can simultaneously have me in stitches and tears. With this week's release of the LOVELY Moonrise Kingdom, I was on a mission to share some of my favorite Anderson-inspired tattoos, there are some real beauties here...

October Birrchbox Review: Goop Style

Monday, October 22, 2012

I was initially a little cautious about this month's Birchbox as it was the first month (for me,) that we were given the option to choose between a regular Birchbox package or a sponsored package curated by the lifestyle blog goop. I was apprehensive about choosing the goop box mainly because I generally loathe Gweneth Paltrow in many things that she does (with the exception of Emma of course,) as well as being wholly opposed to the name goop. It's stupid. (I know, rant much Ashley? I'm over it now, promise.) That being said, if a new option is delivered, I'm all for trying something new, so I anxiously awaited what goop had in store for us, and for the most part, I was pretty pleased. The box contained the following; Caudalie Radiance Serum, DDF Brightening Cleanser, per-fekt Lip gel, Miracle Skin Transformer, a Luna Fiber bar, and assorted mighty leaf tea

I've often complained that Birchbox tends to add a LOT of facial products that can't necessarily be properly reviewed considering the sample size, so i was SUPER happy that the DDF cleanser is a full size product so I'm really getting to feel out how well it works, thus far I can say that it seems to be working ,especially considering this weather change has me breaking out like CRAZY. I am a bit obsessed with the Skin Transformer, seriously it's so silky and covers AMAZINGLY. Same goes for the lip perfection gel the color was PER-FEKT for me and really nourishing. I can only be upset about the fact that I don't have more! The radiance serum was really nice, however for $79 a bottle, I'm thinking I can't roll with that. My only complaint is the "lifestyle extras" that were included in the box....BIRCHBOX,STOP SENDING ME FOOD. I don't really care for Luna Bars (especially because they tend to have cinnamon in them and I don't feel like going into anaflactic shock,) and while I love tea, I really was hoping for more beauty products and less edibles... maybe I can put them on my eyelids too? (Oh goody, and I just looked, one of my packs have cinnamon... Birchbox, you're killing me. Literally.) 

I'm dying to see what was included in the regular Birchbox this month, what did y'all get? Were you happy? Don't forget that you can sign up for your own box here, at $10 a month it's a lovely little surprise every month! xoxo Fearsy


Friday, October 19, 2012

*Rachele has a tutorial for the cutest crocheted blanket, the bobble blanket. I am DYING to try it out.

*This is amazing...

*I am loving SO much from Stay Home Club, but I think these pillows are my favorites...
*Vulture has created a type of pop culture "merit badges" for the 25 most devoted fan bases. These are mine, you can see the rest here.

*Oh. My. Goodness. *This collection of hilarious amazon reviews.

*Not trying to be too political on here, but this is pretty funny...

*This artist who "paints" with shadow and light.

*I love David Sedaris SO much, and this article of his is kinda perfect for me...

*This test of adulthood is so spot on...I feel so old. * I love checking out the blogs of my readers this one, this one, and this one are just a few of the amazing bloggers out there!  Definitely do yourself a favor and click on over to see their (and other) lovely blogs!

* These recipes sound so yummy: halloween compost cookies // great grandma's pasta sauce // bridesmaid punch // fleur de sel caramels // steak with drunken mushrooms

* Wishing for all the money in the world so I can have these: Accordion Welcome Dress // Life's A Finch Dress // Brand New Zag Dress // this sweater // Penny Dress // this blouse // Aztec print leggings //this vintage dress

Weekly Thrifting

Thursday, October 18, 2012

I've been slacking on sharing my thrifty finds lately, but I've been finding some real gems all over the place lately, it's been ahhhhmazing.  I've been trying to cull out which pieces that I want to keep for my own house and which to put in my new Etsy shop, (opening soon, more info at a later date!) It's harder than I thought, I love each of them!  Here are some of my favorite recent finds...
I can't seem to stop buying vintage kitchen canisters, maybe it's because they're all just so pretty! Another thermos to add to my growing collection... I am borderline obsessed with vintage paint by numbers, they have the best faded coloring! I found this one for just 75 cents! Lately I've been finding a lot of unused crewel kits like this little owl, I can't wait to try this one. You all know my love of vintage Pyrex and I've been finding TONS of pretty pieces.

A chill is in the air...

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

There are little signs all around of the upcoming cooler weather, frosty mornings, absolutely beautiful leaves falling from the trees, and frosty mornings... it makes me so excited!  I actually bought this poncho last year but haven't had a whole lot of ideas on how to wear it until now.  Either belted, loose, or around your neck as superman (don't be scared, I did that too,) you just can't go wrong with tartan and wool in cooler weather.  I took these photos on a whim because the weather was SO perfect that I needed any excuse at all to be outside and though it's not my normal style, I love the pretty washed out look that they took on and the little light leaks from shooting into the sun.  Enjoy y'all! xoxo Fearsy

Hat: Forever 21 // Bandage Dress (under skirt): Urban Outfitters // Maxi Skirt: Target // Poncho: Urban Outfitters // Moccasins: Minnetonka // Purse: Thrifted

Jane Austen Tattoos

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Whenever I'm home working on various projects and applications, I like to have a little something on television in the background...silence makes me crazy.  (My elementary school teachers can attest to this i'm sure.)  I'm a massive period piece/Jane Austen fanatic, so naturally one thing led to another yesterday and I ended up having a lovely little Emma/Pride and Prejudice/Sense and Sensibility movie marathon.  (I know, best day EVER right?)  Naturally, after swooning over Mr. Darcy/Knightley/Brandon successively, I had to seek out some Austen inspired ink.  I was a little surprised that there wasn't more...perhaps I should fill the void?

Pemberley // Austen Profile // Most Ardently // Darcy

Weekend Fun in the Woods

Monday, October 15, 2012

This past weekend I had the opportunity to do something that I've been missing out on for YEARS; take a little trip across the state line to Mammoth Springs, Arkansas for a hunting trip with the fam. Hunting is to Fears men as bacon is to Ron Swanson... if there's a season for it, they're ready to shoot. Unfortunately, I haven't had a whole lot of opportunities in the past few years to join them, so I made sure to do so this time, and I will tell you, it was so much fun! I'm not much of a hunter myself (listen you have to get up REAL early in the morning...not my bag baby) but I did get the opportunity to sit in one of the stands, take photos of the gorgeous foliage as the leaves changed, sit by a campfire (which is really the best thing to do in the fall EVER,) and visit some fun thrift stores with my mom. It was the perfect relaxing weekend! Here's just a few of my favorite photos...
  That's our cabin off in the distance... I couldn't help buy take a fun feet photo from way up in the tree stand. Mom helped me collect acorns around the campfire (hello Autumn Bucket List!) I love the little caps on acorns, I always want to draw little faces on them... My sweet little fam, dogs and all, aren't they the cutest? (And yes, I am the shortest person in the world...)