Friday, October 19, 2012

*Rachele has a tutorial for the cutest crocheted blanket, the bobble blanket. I am DYING to try it out.

*This is amazing...

*I am loving SO much from Stay Home Club, but I think these pillows are my favorites...
*Vulture has created a type of pop culture "merit badges" for the 25 most devoted fan bases. These are mine, you can see the rest here.

*Oh. My. Goodness. *This collection of hilarious amazon reviews.

*Not trying to be too political on here, but this is pretty funny...

*This artist who "paints" with shadow and light.

*I love David Sedaris SO much, and this article of his is kinda perfect for me...

*This test of adulthood is so spot on...I feel so old. * I love checking out the blogs of my readers this one, this one, and this one are just a few of the amazing bloggers out there!  Definitely do yourself a favor and click on over to see their (and other) lovely blogs!

* These recipes sound so yummy: halloween compost cookies // great grandma's pasta sauce // bridesmaid punch // fleur de sel caramels // steak with drunken mushrooms

* Wishing for all the money in the world so I can have these: Accordion Welcome Dress // Life's A Finch Dress // Brand New Zag Dress // this sweater // Penny Dress // this blouse // Aztec print leggings //this vintage dress

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  1. Love the blouse! Those otters killed me, so cute!