Catching up with 52 Weeks... Pt 1

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I can't believe that I am just stumbling upon Moorea's 52 lists project just now (it just goes to show how behind I've been in catching up with my blogreader,) but now that I've found it, I'm totally in.  Y'all know how much I love a good listmaking session, and I think I've found a kindred spirit in Moorea.  Here's the deal; every Tuesday Moorea posts a list prompt, as well as her personal lists and a downloadable file.  I can't wait to create a pretty little art/list journal at the end of the year!

(*After I've caught y'all up on the past 8 weeks I'll be posting the lists weekly here on the old blog.  I'd love to know if y'all are participating as well!)

♥ Week 1: List the Words that Touch Your Soul ♥

♥ Week 2: List Your Greatest Comforts ♥

♥ Week 3: List the Things You Should Be Proud Of ♥

♥ Week 4: :List Your Current Goals and Dreams ♥

Oscar Fashion Faves

Monday, February 25, 2013

Not sure if you heard, but last night was the Academy Awards.  (Just in case you missed it :) Y'all know me pretty well now, and that I can't resist dishing on all of my favorite award show fashions of the evening.  I'm not gonna lie, it wasn't the best year for fashions for the most part, there were a couple of serious misses, (Brandi Glanville, I'm looking at you, and both of your nipples.  This is not the MTV awards, this is the OSCARS, class it up.  Also, why are you there?!  I digress...) but also some beautiful spot on fashions.  These were a few of my faves...

♥ Halle Berry in Versace ♥ 
 Did y'all see this shiz under the lights?  By far best dressed of the night.

♥ Naomi Watts in Armani Prive ♥ 
The cut on this dress is perfect, such an appropriate way to show skin.  Beautiful.

♥ Octavia Spencer in Tadashi Shoji ♥ 
Octavia has managed to just NAIL it at awards shows, emphasizing her curves, getting a little sassy with that shoulder... I love her.  

♥ Jennifer Aniston in Valentino ♥ 
Jennifer, I may not understand why you're here, but you look beautiful.  Tangerine dresses may be my new favorite.

♥ Amanda Seyfried in Alexander McQueen ♥ 
This dress is simply beautiful.

♥ Amy Adams in Oscar de la Renta ♥ 
Tulle gets me, it's probably my wasted dreams of being a ballerina.  Match it with dove grey and you have SUCH a win.  

♥ Jennifer Garner in Gucci ♥ 
By far the best color of the evening.  So simple yet it makes such a statement. 


Friday, February 22, 2013

*I just found out about this coloring book... how awesome right?

*I've shared this before,but c'mon, T-Rex?!

* I love this Beyonce cover.

* Did you know that Mayim Bialik is an actual neuroscientiest? I love this interview with her.



Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sometimes you stumble upon something that just warms your heart in a way that is rare and wonderful, something that perfectly captures a moment. A little background... Alexander Gamme is an adventurer who has been on a trek to and from the South Pole for 86 days. He's previously stashed little caches of supplies along his return route, and by this time, he is cold, he is tired, and he is hungry. Watch his reaction to finding his final cache...

I'm not sure if I've ever seen absolute bliss captured so perfectly. So often we go through our lives taking the little things for granted. As one of my year goals, I vowed to try to live more in the moment, appreciating the simple beauty of small moments. This was exactly the reminder I needed. Happy Tuesday y'all.


Friday, February 15, 2013

* This tumblr, Menswear Dog, is pretty amazing. * I know I'm late on this, but I'm obsessed with Kid President.

* Buzzfeed put together great Daria quotes for any situation. I love Daria soooo much.

* I'm amazed by some of the coffee foam art around, and this one is sooo great!

* This Homeland spoof is SPOT ON. I get so annoyed with Dana's random quirks.

* Love this.

*I loved this quiz, What 90's Dreamboat is your Valentine? I pegged me so right, Mark Paul Gosselaar. I love me some Zack Morris.

*This piece from thought catalog was very thought provoking..and true.
*I loved getting this inside look for creating a cookbook from home on Love and Olive Oil.

Just In Time for V-Day...

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Isn't Valentines Day one of the prettiest holidays?  Honestly, Valentines decorations are always pretty, sparkely, and crafty...basically all of my favorite attributes.  This year I never really got around to decorating for Valentines Day, but that hasn't stopped me from pinning some pretty adorable things to make and eat.  Maybe I'll even get around to making a few tomorrow...

♥ An easy afternoon project: heart garland from You Are My Fave .
♥ These pretty valentines brownie cakes might make me break my brownie fast.  (I had a bad experience.) These might make up for that...

♥ These are the prettiest macaroons I've ever seen.

♥ Kaylah's V-Day nails are so pretty! I am totally copying them.

♥ I am so mad I didn't find this card from whit and whistle sooner. You all would be getting one. Obsessed.

♥ Can adults have mobiles above their beds too? Because I want this one.

♥ I love pom pom anything. This is so stinking cute.

♥ I'm pretty sure I have to make myself some heart patterned tights for Thursday...


Friday, February 08, 2013

* Isnt' this the prettiest print?

* This tea mug is wonderful, I need to add it to my collection. this sweet moon. I'm not sure what language this website is in, but I want it. Bad.

*Oh Amy Pohler, I love you.

*Paperman. Beautiful. *Oh. My. Goodness. The Blog Dear Girls Above Me is too funny.

Spoonflower Crushes

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Y'all might remember that one of my goals for the year was to sew my first quilt. I'm happy to say that I've found a pattern that I love, and have been happily clicking away on the internet searching for pretty fabric to include.  One of my favorite sites to browse is Spoonflower, a website that allows it's users to not only buy thousands of different adorable fabrics, but also upload their own designs!  It's pretty addicting.  For my first quilt I'm going for a black, white, and pink ombre, but I couldn't help buy bookmark some of these other pretty fabrics for later projects...  What are some of your favorites?  xoxo Fearsy

loose thread pattern // Shy Ness // Wonky Wood // Mushrooms // Semiprecious // arrows // Coral Garden // Deep Sea Beauty Contest //

Making Mail: The Movie

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Every day I'm so grateful that this little blog allows me to connect with so many people whom I normally would not.  The internet can seem like such a lonely place, but I truly believe that our little community of bloggers and readers are some of the most fun wonderful people around. 

Following my previous Making Mail post I received so many comments and emails from people who loved Amber's project, people who know amber, and even a sweet note from Amber herself.  It's been amazing how many people she has touched through her mail, and how that has inspired all of us (myself included,) to rekindle the desire to make something tangible and beautiful to be sent out into the world. A few days ago, I was contacted by Michael, a friend of Ambers' who is currently making a film exploring the art of making mail and featuring (among other,) Amber! I'll let Michael tell you all a little bit about the film...

How awesome does that sound y'all? Recently, Michael and his film making partners launched a Kickstarter to help with the cost of the film making, and have had some really amazing results.  In their first 2 days, they succeeded in reaching their goal of $1000.  Wowzers.  This is where I come in.  I am a firm believer in crowd-sourcing as a means of funding "indie" projects that really speak to me like Amber's project has.  Micahel and friends still have until March 1st to secure as much funding as possible to make this movie awesomer, (yes I just said awesomeR.) So if you've been as inspired as I am by this project, I urge you to click on over to their Kickstarter page, check out the awesome incentives lined up, and consider donating and sharing the link with as many people as possible! I know that they'd appreciate it, and you'll be doing something to help out a truly awesome experience/movie/cause/awesomefest. 


Friday, February 01, 2013

I am feeling like such as slacker lately y'all, I know my posting hasn't been on par, but goodness, this job is akeepin me busy! I promise to get back onto a regular posting schedule soon. I'm got SO many great ideas for DIY's and fun things, and now I finally have the $$ to do them! (It's amazing how that works out :) Anyhoo, for the time being, here's another list of what's making me happy this week...

*This image from Rosea Posey really got me thinking about the misconceptions and judgements that we make of other women in the world. It really serves as a great reminder that we are not always what we seem. HelloGiggles sums it up really wonderfully.

*I love these History of Wooing Men and Women videos released by this music collective. It's shocking how dirty they've gotten! Where is the romance y'all?

*Seriously, Mean Girls is funny with everything. Even the saddest movie ever.

* I'm so obsessed with this commercial (even if I'm still not going to use Internet Explorer.)

*Are you following the Trek and the City twitter yet? You should be.

* 32 of Life's Most Underrated Activities are so great.

*Another from Thought Catalog, Honest Department Store Names. The target one is SPOT ON.

*As a lover of collections, I'm sooo envious of all of the pretty little collections at Kaylah's house!