:: Photo An Hour ::

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I have been wanting to do a photo an hour challenge for a long time now,  and this past Saturday finally gave me the perfect excuse to do it!  The weather was a little gross out, which for me, is perfect for accomplishing weekend goals.  (Otherwise i'm going to be out playing in the sunshine and forgetting all about my little Canon.)  I had so much fun doing this, i can't wait to do more in the future!

:: 8 AM ::
I've been making more of an effort to utilize my gym membership this year and found a pretty great spinning class at the Y courtesy of my friend Laura, who basically keeps me sane throughout the class with gossip and shared hatred of getting up early on a Saturday.  I always hate it bitterly while on the bike, but I love that it gets me up and going early in the morning to get fun things done!

:: 9 AM :: After spinning (which my mom has been joining me during too!) we headed over to one of the local farmers markets. I love seeing some of my favorite farmers and artisans selling homegrown and handmade goods. (Plus I stalk the flavored honey lady for her honey sticks. It's my fave.)

:: 10 AM :: Browsing an antique store while waiting for our lunch place to open. I think I need those owls and the tin top table in my life...

:: 11 AM :: My favorite lunch place in the entire WORLD for sandwiches and salad with delicious Orange-Raspberry dressing. I would bathe in this stuff y'all. So yummy.

:: 12 PM & 1 PM:: I'm going to count this as two hours because I literally didn't move from the recliner until Speed was over. Sexy Keaneau time. (Speed is one of those countless terrible movies that I can't NOT watch if I stumble upon it on TV. Also on this list includes Independence Day and Twister. Which are awesome.)

:: 2 PM :: A (failed) attempt at a new outfit post for this little blog. I just got a new lens and hadn't really figured everything out, hence, nearly every photo of me being cut off half way through my body. I was so sad because I was LOVING this sweater from Old Navy. It's grey but if you look closely there are these pretty neon coral and yellow bits all over.Dang it all to hell camera. Live and learn y'all.

:: 3 PM :: Doing some editing on the blog and surfing the internet. But the real stars are these beautiful Rifle Paper Company bits that came in the mail! I think they're the prettiest things I've ever seen. Oh okay, one more. It's so pretty!

:: 4 PM :: If you know this TV reference, we're going to be best friends. Lucy introduced me to the greatness that is Summer Heights High a few years ago and it never fails to have me rolling on the floor laughing. Mr. G is the greatest. This is a little present for her that i've been working on for what seems like AGES (pattern from this Etsy shop.)

:: 5 PM :: Reading up for my upcoming spring plantings. I can't wait to have fresh veggies again!

:: 6 PM :: Finishing off the day with a little nail painting... I seem to be obsessed with mint and gold lately...

What a day! I'd love to see y'all link up with your own photo challenges! xoxo Fearsy

:: 77 ::

Friday, April 26, 2013

* I am obsessed with evvvrything from Gingiber. But I really love these black sheep.  

* Can't wait to try this super cute DIY.

* OMG a Boba Fett kitchenaid mixer paint job. Andrew? Please?

* Love.

* These knitted portraits from Colette Bream are ahhhmazing. I want I want!

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* Pictures of people who mock me is such a great and inspiring read. I love her honesty and self-loving.

*Michael Shannon reading the RIDICULOUS Delta Gamma Sorority letter that made the rounds on the internet is AMAZING.

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*Windows of New York is awesome.

*3 Reasons to travel while you're young.

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* Okay, Sandwich Art Dad is the coolest. I'm totally doing this for my kids some day...

*These oddly specific ways Urban Outfitters, Free People, and Anthropologie's Executives are describing their customers to Wall Street.

Body Love

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

  I've always had a complicated relationship to my body.  I can vividly remember being a child, dancing in front of the mirror with my little sports bra stuffed to look like whatever latest celebrity I was idolizing, and in a split second, I was the first girl in the 7th grade to really get breasts.  13 is an awkward time to begin with and suddenly the boys in my class are staring, making jokes in gym, and ugh, asking if they could touch them.  (I have learned that this lasts approximately until men are in their 30's.  Some never grow out of it.  These men are to be avoided. )  I was jealous of my friends, wearing their spaghetti straps and string bikinis while I was trying to hoist up my ever growing chest with boring swimsuits and tops designed for grown women.  To add insult to injury, I have the flattest ass on the planet.  It's like a boy.  I have no hips. I have no cute little butt.  I don't get to be "curvy" or "hourglass" like Marilyn Monroe. I get to be an "apple."  Roseanne Barr is an apple.  (Nothing against Roseanne, but c'mon couldn't the universe bless me at least a little Marilyn? )  

 All my life I've watched members of my family struggle with their weight, going back and forth with whatever fad diet they were trying at the time, and being discouraged by the lack of results.  Watching them, I'd vow that I would never do the same thing, that I'd be happy with the body I'm given and accept the fact that baby, I was born this way.  I will eat what I want, I will exercise when I feel like it.  And I would loathe my body for not doing what I wanted, to be thin, to have smaller boobs, a bigger ass, longer legs, whatever.  In my 20's I went in for a breast reduction surgery, and while they were smaller, (at the time I was around a 36F cup,)  it remains where I gain my weight first, where I hold it longest. 

I have avoided dieting for the most part in my life, (with the exception of a disastrous 2 week diet of eggs, grapefruit, and spinach before a wedding with my best friend and cannot eat an egg to this day as a result,) and have merely dealt with a little body dissatisfaction.  I admire SO MUCH the work of fat advocates like the AMAZING Jess and Rachele  I support body love of ALL sizes, but I also know that in order to really have body love for myself, I have to start treating my own body better.  Does this mean that I will starve myself, deny myself things, push myself to extremes to meet the expectations of skinny and beautiful America?  Absolutely not.  but does it mean that I could treat myself a little more kindly, make my body stronger and more able to do the things that I want to do in my life?  Absolutely.  

I'm in a very changey-feely mood lately y'all.  I'm already making some changes to my lifestyle to improve my enjoyment of my life, of my self, and of my body.  Will I ever be skinny?  Nah.  It's not how I was built.  I accept that.  But can I be the best me possible?  Hell yeah.  

A particularly excellent 80's work out outfit if I do say so myself.  

swimwear wishlist

Monday, April 22, 2013

I'm not gonna lie y'all I generally rank swimsuit shopping somewhere around trips to the dentist and getting poked in the eye with a sharp stick.  If it's not the awful lighting, it's the bad mirrors and if you're not a size 2 you're going to be relegated with mostly ill fitting tankinis (which really come from the devil.) or one pieces that are so non-age appropriate that you might be wearing something to match your grandmother.  This is where online shopping comes in.  It's basically my favorite thing ever! (And with mostly free returns it's generally pretty painless.  This year I've found quite a few favorites...

one :: two :: three :: four :: five :: six :: 

:: 76 ::

Friday, April 19, 2013

* I would marry Patton Oswald for this. (I would marry him for so many things, but this is perfection.)

* This Mad Men comparison art

* These things you'll only get if you watch Game of Thrones.

*These look delicious.

* Obsessed with the illustrations of Alessandro Gottardo.  This is my favorite.

Brittany Howard of the Alabama Shakes is so FIERCE.

*This is SO amazing.


* Refinery 29 has such a great article on the ridiculousness that would be a real Barbie doll. Such a good reminder when I'm swimsuit shopping

* Speaking of bikini shopping, this is the most perfect response ever.

* I love Ira Glass so much. I want his face as a pillow.

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* As a former Bostonian, this article really describes our relationship perfectly. You May Leave Boston, But Boston Never Leaves You.

* Ron Swanson has a grilling blog.

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33 Irresistibly Cute Spring DIYs. 

the helpers

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

When I received a gchat message from my boyfriend yesterday telling me to turn on the news, I didn't know what was going on. We share little pieces of the internet or trivia throughout the day, so I naturally assumed that it was just something fun. Then I saw the headline. Terror in Boston. 2 explosions. My heart sank.

Just earlier in the morning I was receiving 'wish you were here' texts from friends, seeing photo updates of what had always been one of our favorite holidays of the year,  a day that is supposed to be a joyous celebration.  Marred.  What followed were frantic phone calls and text messages to friends and loved ones, scanning facebook to find the reassuring "i'm okay" messages, and me sobbing in my office back here in Missouri, not knowing what to do. Thankfully,  through teary phone calls, emails, and updates, I heard back from everyone, frightened but unharmed.  My heart hurts for those who weren't so lucky, for their families who are grieving with nowhere to place the blame.

I can remember being touched by the horrific tragedies of the past, but never in this way, never this close to heart.  Boston was my home for the past 3 years in every sense of the word.  It's where I learned that I could be independent, on my own, an adult.  I know those streets, that area, like the back of my hand.  Why would anyone do this?  Why this moment? Why that place? It's senseless.

As I write this, I cannot express the emotions that I still feel,  however I find comfort in the acts of kindness that we are seeing across the Internet, on television, even in the media.  In those horrific moments after the blast we see people running towards the site, to help care for, to comfort.  The words of Mr. Rogers above are especially poignant in these times.  There are people out there, people who want to hurt us, who disagree with our ideas, with the way we live, or the way we dress.  There will always be people like that.  But I find comfort in the fact that this is not a majority.  That the good indeed, will outnumber the evil.  I am thankful of that.

Fruit Infused Water

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Those who know me, know that I have a deep and biding love affair with Diet Pepsi.  (Not hating on Diet Coke also...just prefer pepsi.)  Now before you all go off and start telling me about why it's so bad for you and blah blah blah...don't bother. I've heard it all. And I love it still.  We're all entitled to a vice right? And at least I'm not doing crack.  Bright side people.  :)

All that being said, I've recently realized that my habit has been getting a little much.  I have nothing against water, but it's just so BORING.  I need taste y'all! Trying to reach a compromise, (that whole life change thing,) I've been experimenting with various fruit infusions in my waters to help liven them up & am loving the result so far! I'm not saying I'm giving up diet soda quite yet (because y'all do not want to know me if I don't have caffeine) but this seems like a tasty way to cut back a bit.  Here are a few of my latest faves...

:: Strawberry + Blackberry + Rosemary ::

:: Blackberry + Lime + Crushed Mint Leaves ::

:: Lime + Lemon + Orange ::

:: Orange + Strawberry ::

:: Cucumber + Lemon ::

I can't wait to expirament with more flavors! I'm ready for my sage to pop up and maybe do a blackberry/raspberry/sage mix and something with watermelon and cucumber! Do you have any favorite infusions? xoxo Fearsy

Sunday Snapshots

Monday, April 15, 2013

Yesterday was the perfect day here in the Ozarks.  The weather was beautiful & I accomplished both little projects and moderate laziness.  The perfect day.  Heres a few snapshots...

* On my way to spinning class...my butt still hurts.

*So many things in bloom... I love the entire sprouting process almost as much as I do the final flowers.

* Jonah became my little book hauler around the bookstore... these are all either in process or are to be read. I've been really into informative non-fiction. (Just finished Assassination Vacation this morning & was obsessed with it. Highly recommend!)

* After making granola and fruit infused waters (to come later this week) I finished out the afternoon with the Monty the dog (who was busy avoiding Cat...he's terrified)  and Cat the cat (who enjoys tormenting the dogs...see the evil look in here eyes?) reading on a blanket in the sunny breeze. Love these lazy days...