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Friday, September 27, 2013

* Firebox may be my new favorite place to buy completely random shit.  Seriously go visit.  This is one of my favorites...

* Yes!

* These bricks painted like books.  I love it.

* These tiny panda faces....

Jokes only Harry Potter fans will understand...

*Couldn't agree more.  (But George, please don't kill off John or Tyroin... just saying.)

*Big Freedia is basically my favorite... (Check out Azz Everywhere... it'll change your world.)  Did you know he just set the world record for twerking? Miley who?

* And in the same spirit..here's another awesome wrecking ball parody.

* Loving the new video for our hometown faves, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin.  (I even worked at the water park the video is shot in!)

♥ Links Loved ♥

* Just dominated this Hocus Pocus quiz...thank god it's October and therefore acceptable to binge watch!

* I have been listening to this audiobook, and I can't stop laughing.  Jenny is a riot.

The 20-Something Toolkit

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Lately I've done a lot of thinking about the woman I've become in my nearing 29 years.  I'm very different than the girl I was at 19.  (I distinctly recall wearing gauchos with my sorority t-shirts to class. Jesus.) I'm very different than the girl I was at 25.  (I dated, and was mildly obsessed with, a man who had no job, his parents paid his rent, and he had to blow into a tube to make his car start.  I like to tell myself that we all have at least one loser in our lives.)  Yet through all that, (and probably way worse shit if we're being honest,) I'd like to believe that I've successfully become at least a semblance of a grown-up lady.  And no i'm not talking about a minivan driving, pearls-wearing, white wine drinking lady, but instead, a lady who has the knowledge, skills, and shit that one needs to make it as a big kid out in the world.  I asked myself, what are these necessities to straight-up owning adulthood/womanhood?  Here's what I came up with...

1. A planner.  I don't care if you're a keep your entire life in your iPhone person or, like me, an obsessive old school day planner kind of gal (I personally prefer the uncalendar, which fits my need for total domination of weekly & monthly life planning and list making,) but this is super important.  It keeps you organized, making you look good to your boss, and helps you remember all of your friends birthdays without the need to check Facebook.  Because sometimes Facebook lies.  

2. A tool set containing a hammer, both a phillips head and flat head screwdriver, a pair of pliers with wire cutting capabilities, a tape measure, nails & screws.  And really, an electric drill, but I know, that's expensive.  Because a high heel isn't the proper instrument to repeatedly slam into your wall in lieu of a hammer, and there are only so many times your dad will come to repair things that you've broken.  

3. Closet Staples according to me. Something to wear if you're asked to interview for your dream job tomorrow, something that makes YOU feel sexy on a first date, 2 pair of simple heels in black and brown that go with everything and don't kill your feet, a high quality, professional bag to carry your life to work in, and yes, a cliche little black dress.  Because it's true, it works for everything. 

4. Condoms.  Because seriously ladies, he will always miraculously "forget them."  It's far easier to just have some on hand, b/c yeah, a girl has needs too.  An alternative plan would be to stroke his hair while whispering to him your favorite baby names for your future spawn... this will either result in him miraculously producing a condom faster than David Copperfield, or make him run for the hills.  You've been warned.

5. While we're on the subject, every girl needs a vibrator. A good one that doesn't resemble a stuffed animal or tube of lipstick. I am a firm believer in knowing what you like and how you like it so get to practicing lady friends.  Samantha Jones would be proud. 

6. Some basic bar knowledge.  All adults should know how to make a Bloody Mary, a Dirty Martini, and a Manhattan.  These three drinks can get you through hangovers, meeting parents, and honestly, Manhattans are just awesome and make you look badass.  

7. Something ridiculously expensive you bought just for you.  Obviously this is a little fluid, considering it's a life and death experience for me to spend over 20 dollars on mascara, even if it does give me sex kitten eyes. (Kittens are sexy.) The point isn't the price, the point is YOU buying something for no one else's pleasure.  My friends and I always said we'd buy ourselves a beautiful right hand ring when we've finally made it just as congratulations for being bad ass bitches who get shit done all on our own.  

8.  A passport.  For wanderlust.  And with the anticipation of a job that not only provides you with paid time off, but enough pay to actually go on a vacation.  

9.  A pair of Spanx.  I am vain enough to say that there are times that I don't necessarily want Esther (my loving name for my muffin top... I like to assume she's a sassy lady with a voice like Wanda Sykes,) to be the star of the show while I'm wearing a clingier outfit.  I give you, Spanx. These things are magic, smoothing out my jumbly bits without squeezing my internal organs to death.  Plus Beyonce wears them.  Be noted, if you find yourself in a promising sexy situation one must a) be willing to share a laugh Bridget Jones style over your enormous panties, or b) race to the bathroom, whip those babies off and shove them in your purse.  I'm not saying I have done this...but I'm not saying I haven't either.

10. A Fuck You Fund.  It's basically just what it sounds like, a little cushion that comes into play only when you're in crisis, be it a terrible job, roommate, or situation, in which you can continue to be independent without stressing out entirely.  

These are just of my personal few must haves, what do you think? What should every woman have?

I love two things...fashion and judging it. Emmys Style.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

I love awards shows in the biggest way.  I love filling out fake ballots & experiencing fake outrage when they choose the wrong winner (and really, anyone I didn't pick is the wrong winner.) .  This year I decided to change things up a bit and do what I do best... judge those who literally could care less what I think.  So here goes...

You Give Me Faith in Growing Older
Allison Janney has always been a beautiful woman in both appearance and spirit, but jesus y'all, she's such a knock out!  I love her so. 

I'm Pretty Sure You're Missing Part of Your Dress
Hey Julianne Hough,  this isn't MTV and no matter how many sequins you add to try and class it up, I can see your underwear.

Shine Bright Like a Diamond
I feel that if we were to shine a light at Julia Louis-Dreyfus we could start a disco with her dress...and I loved it. I love it when a designer knows that something is just gonna kill on stage, clearly Monique Lhuillier knows her shit.

I Love You, But I Am About To See Your Nipples 
Claire, you are a beautiful woman, but I'm unsure why anyone would choose a dress that makes ones breasts look like they were just flattened with a rolling pin. If this is what happens with breast feeding I am hiring a nursemaid.

I'm Not Sure Who You Are, But I Love Your Dress 
Okay, I had to look it up. Sarah Hyland apparently is on Modern Family, a show which I can't seem to really get into. Who knew? That being said, girl looks fierce. I love this color, I love the lace. I love the dark lip. Probably my favorite look of the night.

This is Where Lace Goes to Die
Amanda Peet is like, supermodel beautiful, so it's a real feat to make someone that beautiful look that bad. It's like Fredrick's of Hollywood meets the Wicked Witch of the West. It's just so...wrong.

I Can't Seem to Find My Panties
 I love it when men can wear a tux and make it look all rugged and devil-may-care. John Snow....Meoooow.

You Sir, Are Trying Too Hard
 I get it, guys kinda get the short end of the stick when it comes to dressing up. But please stop trying to get all flashy and creative. I don't get it. (Unless you're Neil Patrick Harris' maroon tux, which is FABULOUS.) If you're not NPH...just don't.

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Friday, September 20, 2013

* This is the best reminder.

 * These patches from Glamour Kills are amazing. I want them all.

*I am loving this throw from Vagabond Boutique so much! (I have a throw problem.)

* This is the only "Wrecking Ball" parody that matters...

* This is SO true.

* Sprinkles make all things better.

♥ Links Loved ♥ 

* The Myth of the Effortlessly Perfect Girl or (Models Don't Eat Cake for Breakfast)

* Who else is excited for more Potter???

* So Tyra Banks transformed herself into Kate Moss, Cindy Crawford, and other models for a photo shoot.  Say what you will, Tyra is fieeeerce.

i'm pretty pumped for these jams

Thursday, September 19, 2013

As we venture into the latter half of 2013 there seem to exist some noticeable changes within our worlds.  Leaves changing, my skin becoming pasty white, far more clothing on 20 something girls, pumpkin spice insanity, and of course pop culture getting serious.  Summers for pop culture are full of blockbuster movies, upbeat pop hits, and the return of everyone's favorite television shows.  For a pop culture junkie, it's pretty awesome.  Music is a pretty huge part of my life and I really love the subtle transition to people's fall listening habits.  I've been looking forward to a few of this fall's album releases for a while now... here are just a few of the albums that y'all should keep an ear out for.

The Avett Brothers Magpie and the Dandelion
Release Date : October 15

I can't get enough of these beautiful bearded men.  As many of y'all know, I was borderline obsessed with their last album The Carpenter, and am only the more excited to learn that this album was almost concurrently recorded because they were so inspired that they couldn't stop writing.  Definitely check out their first single, Another is Waiting.

HAIM Days Are Gone
Release Date : September 30

Pretty sure that these ladies are the next big thing.  Really they're just the big thing, because EVERYONE is talking about them.  There is just something so infectious to these gals... I'm so excited to see what they have in store.  While I haven't been able to get my hands on a new single (yet...) definitely check out their latest single, The Wire.

The Head & The Heart Let's Be Still
Release Date : October 15

Goodness gracious y'all these guys took their time after releasing their self titled debut (and my favorite epic road trip album,) but I'm positive that the wait will be worth it.  And c'mon even this teaser clip sounds awesome. Their latest single? The aptly titled Shake.

Lorde Pure Heroine
Release Date : September 30

If you've been with me in the car at any time over the past few months, you know that Royals is by far my jam of the summer.  I am SO obsessed.  This gal is only 16 and basically everything that Lana Del Ray paid lots of superficial daddy money trying to be.  Get excited by listening to her single, Tennis Courts... I just may have become more obsessed.

Miley Cyrus Bangerz
Release Date : October 8

Okay, I know I'm gonna get a lot of shit about this.  But I seriously love crazy, foam finger wearing, Miley.  Yeah, yeah, the whole random gyrating at the VMA's was a tad bit much, and I KNOW it's disgusting to lick a sledgehammer, even if it's brand spanking new.... but I am just digging it.  I just couldn't stop with We Won't Stop, and Wrecking Ball....well it's pretty great.  So judge away.  Miley and I don't care :)

M.I.A. Matangi
Release Date : November 5

M.I.A. had me at "I fly like paper..." You just can't avoid the catchiness of her shit.  One thing is for sure, the lady cannot be contained (hey we all saw that Superbowl halftime show,) and I love how unexpected each new song is.  Rev yourself up with an older single from the new album, Bad Girls.

Deer Tick Negativity
Release Date : September 24

My love of Deer Tick has a lot to do with my time in Boston, so there's a lot of nostalgia along with this band, but they're just fun.  Fun to watch, fun to listen to... just fun.  I'm digging their first single The Dream's in the Ditch.

TLC ???
Release Date : October 15

If you tell me you didn't dance in your bedroom to the entire CrazySexyCool album I will call you a bold faced liar.  LIAR.  Am I a little concerned with the fact that there is no "L" for me to memorize all of the rap bits? Yes.  But I am definitely anticipating what these ladies have in store.  Check out the new single with J Cole, (and really, it's mostly just J Cole...but i'll take what I can get...) Crooked Smile.

Elton John The Diving Board
Release Date : September 24

There are so many things that have me jacked up about this.  Elton hasn't done a solo album since 2006... he is ELTON JOHN....and just in case that isn't enough for you (what is wrong with you, that is sooo enough!!) it's produced by THE T Bone Burnett.  Who wants to go to Caesars Palace with me to see this shiz???  Single...oh yeah.  Check out Home Again. It's beautiful.

So what are y'all super excited about this fall? Let me know in the comments so I can add it to one of many playlists!!  xoxo Fearsy

Sweater Weather

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

It may be 80 degrees outside today, but that hasn't stopped me from being completely swept into the fall shopping spirit. I have a stack of sweaters just begging to be worn the second the thermometer dips below 60 degrees. My pals over at Modcloth have been tempting me SO MUCH with their adorable knitted prints and sweaters, I get the feeling that my credit card is going to be feeling some pain after I narrow down my wish list!

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Friday, September 13, 2013


*Love it or hate it, I can't stop laughing...

* A movie that I can't skip any time it's on TV.  Love.

* OMG. Mark Paul Gosselaar is adorable. And pretty hilarious.

* This might have made my entire week. If Cher from Clueless had Instagram.... * Love Robyn. Love this cover of Dancing On My Own by Kings of Leon.

* Adorable. Seriously. I want an elephant.
♥ Links Loved ♥ 

* Meet Eden Miller, the first plus size fashion designer to show at New York Fashion Week.

* Everything I need to know i learned from Hermione Granger.

* The 10 Most Important Questions Asked by Tai in Clueless.

An Autumn To Do List

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Every year as the seasons begin to turn I immediately begin to make little lists of all of the fun things I can't wait to do.  Summer includes putt putt golfing, floating, and road trips, winter is all about holiday decorating and snow angels, spring is for planting and picnics, and fall..fall is just my favorite.  Even though it's still hot as balls here in Missouri, I can't seem to help my fall fever from taking over.  I've already bought sweaters (on a 90 degree day I might add... I may be crazy,) planning fall trips, and keep finding myself pinning cold weather recipes and treats to make.  So let's just embrace the fever y'all.  Here are a few of my autumn must do's for the season...


There is nothing I love more than whipping out all of my pretty sweaters, jackets, scarves, and colored tights.  My goal is to perfect the oh I just threw this on (but really have been standing in front of the mirror for 20 minutes deciding if a vest, sweater, jacket and scarf combo will make me look like the Michelin man.)


I'm pretty much deathly allergic to cinnamon, so none of that pumpkin spice shit either.  I spit on your Starbucks cup full of death.  I'm always a fan of breaking out the hot chocolate recipes as soon as the thermometer his the 50's, so perhaps this salted caramel vodka hot chocolate from London Bakes will be my campfire pick...

Truth be told, I've never actually been to a professional football game.  Growing up in Arkansas we weren't really into any specific professional football teams, and even though my New England buddies were all neurotic about the Patriots, I never really caught the fever. (Plus getting decent tickets to most professional sports in Boston requires a kidney and your firstborn.)  That being said, I'm finally going to my first KC Chiefs game with a few pals who apparently tailgate like champs. See above.  'Merica!


Seriously, this is my favorite Missouri tradition.  My friends and I especially enjoy attending the night mazes, which turn "haunted." (Meaning a man in a mask will jump out of the corn at me, I will scream like a child, possibly karate chop them in the throat, and then have to check to ensure I haven't peed myself.)  This brings me joy.

S'mores become another food group for me in the fall.  Like, sometimes if there isn't a fire around (and really, that's pretty often,) I will stick a marshmallow on a fork, get out a bic lighter, and single serve myself into a s'more coma.  But doing it with friends is better.  And less crazy. I know.


Okay this is totally my mom coming out in me, but I can always remember how much work she put into pretty fall decorations and how lovely it always was.  And that was before pinterest.  She's one crafty motha y'all.

What are you excited for this fall? xoxo Fearsy

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Friday, September 06, 2013

* Loving these students from Aukland University's switch on the gender roles in Blurred lines.

*Completely obsessed with the hats of MuDuLondon. I love the floppy fedora trend!

* I think these are the prettiest landscapes...and they're made of food!

* I love Clueless everything. I think I need this Tai watercolor immediately.

* I'm not really into tarot, but I love these Jane Austen tarot cards!

*I love Bill Nye so much. (And now he's on DWTS? He's totally going to win, he has science on his side.)

*My phone had an unfortunate incident this week involving a glass of tea and I had to buy a new one. Thank goodness for Rifle Paper Co. and their adorable collection of iPhone covers!

* These floral sculptures on floats at the Corso Zundhurt parade in the Netherlands are breathtaking.

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* The 24 Greatest Things That Could Ever Possibly Happen To You

* 6 One Paragraph Stories About Autumn That Will Make You Cry Pumpkin Spice Tears

* Issues the US Is Not United On is such a great look at the US in cultural maps!

* How To Have The Best Literary Wedding Ever.

shit i did instead of blogging

Thursday, September 05, 2013

This week was kind of a cluster fuck y'all. Not in that, holy hell I just have such a busy and important life that I couldn't possibly get to everything way.  More like the, ehhh I could accomplish things with my life OR I could binge watch literally anything on TV while bored eating an entire bag of Milano cookies. Those days happen. Or in my case, four of them happened. I'm not going to waste your time with the whole "I'm sooo sorry for not blogging this week" routine because c'mon, I totally just admitted I'm occasionally a slacker. (A slacker with a belly full of delicious Milano cookies. And that's sort of a win.) Instead, here's a short list of things I did instead of blogging.

1. Watched Sharknado. Made sure that everyone in my life knew it by over emphasizing that "It's a tornado. Made of sharks. And there are chainsaws. And that guy from 90210. Not Luke Perry. The ugly one." Used as many shark puns as possible.  

2. Slid down a slide on a houseboat. While holding a beer. Didn't spill a drop.

3. Decided that I would be the best buzzfeed contributor alive. Started a new post. Immediately was sucked into 3 consecutive hours of baby animals and real housewives gifs.  Never wrote article.

4. Became obsessed with being the kind of girl who rocked ridiculous sneakers all the time. Found the perfect pair of Nike Dunks. Realized I was far too much of a tightwad to buy them. Looked at more baby animals online to cure sadness.

5. Ranked the Real Housewives seasons and wives from best to crazy. Will email to Andy Cohen.

6. Went to a 80's cover band show at the lake. Played air guitar on my leg. Played air guitar on my neighbors leg. Felt awesome.

7. Witnessed the beginning of a highly inappropriate girls gone wild piece being filmed on  the courtesy dock after the concert. In public. Ran away as quickly as possible while muttering, too much to lose, and herpes are forever to all of my friends.

Soooo yeah.... An entirely unproductive, at times uncomfortable couple of days.  Meh, it happens. But I'm improving. I read about Syria all day and went grocery shopping. Like an adult. Boom life. I'm back in the game.