Today I'm Thankful

Thursday, November 28, 2013

... for the best group of friends a gal could ask for
... for Taco Bell Diet Pepsis
... for leggings being in style
... for late night dance parties
... for Monty sunggles
... for every day inspiration
... for my NEW JOB
... for family that are friends
... for all of YOU!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you, my wonderful readers!  May your day be full of joy, your mashed potatoes be plentiful, and your pants be stretchy.  

xoxo Fearsy

Cheesy Movies, Christmas Cheer, and a Holiday Pop Culture Guide

Monday, November 25, 2013

I've talked before of some of my favorite holiday traditions, (Home Alone every Thanksgiving night, She & Him Christmas album while trimming the tree, and more viewings of Love, Actually, White Christmas, and Elf than I can count on two hands to name a few.)  Last year, honestly by accident, my gal pal Lucy, her wonderful mother Joanne, found ourselves parked in front of the television for a while an entire day watching truly terrible awesome Hallmark and Lifetime christmas movies.  And it was the best day ever.  D list actors, terribly off key singing, some of the ugliest "hand crafted" nutcrackers I've ever seen...there is so much to hate on.  But we found ourselves completely sucked in to each movie, mocking the dialogue, laughing our asses off, and nearly always tearing up. (Christmas + kids with cancer/homeless families/small business owners vs. evil developers/old high school flames = Ashley Fears sobbing. Every. Damn. Time.)  It's our little holiday tradition and I love it.

So in the spirit of maximizing the amount of Jingle Bell Rock and christmas cheesiness, I've put together a little pop culture calendar for you, my wonderful readers.  On it you'll find my picks each day of what to watch and where to watch it.  Lets get our Christmas on y'all!

NOV 28 :: Home Alone Amazon Instant
NOV 29 :: Holiday High School Reunion Lifetime 10 AM
NOV 30 :: Let It Snow Hallmark 7 PM
DEC 1:: Dr Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas ABC Family 7 PM
DEC 2 :: The Santa Clause Trilogy ABC Family 8 PM
DEC 3 :: Love Actually Netflix Instant
DEC 4 :: All About Christmas Eve Lifetime 10 PM
DEC 5 :: Moonlight & Mistletoe Hallmark 6 PM
DEC 6 :: Miracle on 34th Street Netflix Instant
DEC 7 :: Disney's A Christmas Carol ABC Family 2:30 PM
DEC 8 :: The March Sisters at Christmas Lifetime 1 PM
DEC 9 :: Naughty or Nice Hallmark 7 PM
DEC 10 :: 12 Dates of Christmas Netflix Instant
DEC 11 :: Matchmaker Santa Hallmark 6 PM
DEC 12 :: Scrooged ABC Family 9 PM
DEC 13 :: The Family Stone Amazon Instant
DEC 14 :: It's A Wonderful Life NBC 8 PM
DEC 15 :: White Christmas Netflix Instant
DEC 16 :: The Holiday Amazon Instant Video
DEC 17 :: The Nightmare Before Christmas Netflix Instant
DEC 18 :: Christmas on the Bayou Lifetime 8 PM
DEC 19 :: Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and the Island of Misfit Toys ABC Family 7 PM
DEC 20 :: National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation Netflix Instant or ABC Family 9PM
DEC 21 :: Fir Crazy Hallmark Channel 6 PM
DEC 22 :: The Polar Express Netflix Instant
DEC 23 :: The Muppet Christmas Carol ABC Family 8 PM
DEC 24 :: How The Grinch Stole Christmas ABC 8 PM
DEC 25 :: A Christmas Story TBS All Day Long!

** Editors Note: I realized last night that my calendar was all jacked up with the days of the week... sorry about that y'all!  It's fixed now. 

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Friday, November 22, 2013

* I'm going to need an entire room for all of my Wes Anderson stuff. This poster is magic.

* Someone put a marker in their set of the Game of Thrones series on every page someone died. It's pretty entertaining to see visually.

* This

* Did you know that Urban Decay released a new Naked palette?!?! Keiko has a great eye make up tutorial using it.

* This is a wonderful thought

* The happiest lamb

* And this

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* Every Year of Your Twenties Ranked From Best To Worst

* 25 Habits of Truly Lazy Twentysomethings (I admittedly do so many of these...)

* Oprah released her Favorite Things List

* They announced the 2013 National Book Awards this many to add to my to-read list!

A little Nashville getaway

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Last weekend I traveled to Nashville to visit my gal pal Emilie at her new digs in Nashville.  Naturally, we spent the entire weekend visiting local shops, landmarks, and SO many great food places...seriously I think I gained at least 5 pounds.  I couldn't wait to share a few of my favorite local spots with y' hear from you Nashvillians about all the amazing places that I missed and just MUST see.  (Sadly, my camera is still with another gal pal in Arkansas due to an alcohol induced forgetful session, but I tried to capture a few iPhone photos for y'all here. What can I say,  I drink to forget sometimes ;)
Food Places we LOVED: Mafiaozas Pizza, Jenis Ice Cream, Corsair Distillery &  I Dream of Weenie.  The best "foodie" thing I had on the trip was BY FAR the Loveless Biscuits and Peach Jam ice cream at Jenis... it literally had PIECES OF BISCUIT in it.  Seriously the best ice cream I've ever put in my mouth.  Emilie also made me a pretty ridiculous southwest quiche that I cannot fail to mention.  Anyone who gets me to eat eggs wins.  Because they're gross.
Stores that kicked Serious Ass:  Old Made Good, Pre to Post Modern, Goodbuy Girls, Antiques Archaeology, Hatch Show Prints, & Pulp.  Nashville is a vintage & antiques mecca, so you don't have to go far to find awesome stores with awesome people inside.  And we did that times 100 when we walked into OMG and met sweet, hilarious, and so southern John.  Something I'd always missed while living in the Northeast was the over friendliness that is EVERYWHERE.  Seriously, you can't get out of a store without them knowing your name, background, and bra size...and I love that. If the lovely John wasn't enough of a reason to visit, OMG is basically me in store form.  If it's quirky, vintage, and awesome, it's there.  Plus their entire floor is made of gold glitter. Seriously. Go.

Outside of our food and vintage comas, we spent a lot of time with friends, seeing our pals Tumbleweed Company play a show, having house jam sessions with local artists, and generally just having a great time.  We even got to catch a flick, Dallas Buyers Club, which was by far one of the best movies I've seen all year.  There is no way that Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto are not nominated for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor in this years Oscars.  If not, I'm burning down the academy.

All in all it was such a fun little getaway trip!  I can't wait to visit again (and take real photos,) SO soon.  I'd love to hear your recommendations too!
I saw this poster on the front door of GoodBuy Girls and none could tell me where it came from.  But I want it. I'm pretty sure I need it.  If someone can tell me where to find it, I will bring you loads of your cookie of choice. Or a big hug. Whichever you prefer...
xoxo Fearsy

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Friday, November 15, 2013

* This advice.

* This speech will change how you look at adulthood. David Foster Wallace just plain wins.

* The cuteness might kill you.

* I find this room to be so perfect.

* The what would i say website cracks me up. (It creates Facebook statuses based on your previous activity.  These were a few of my favorites... (it seems to think I talk about panties a lot...)

* Mark Nixon has created a stunning portrait book called "Much Loved" that I think is SO beautiful. See more images here.

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* Ranking Zack Morris' Love Interests. (Why didn't I think of this?!?!)

* 6 Important Lessons I Learned From TV Shows

Monthly Mixtape

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I've noticed over the past few years that as the weather starts to cool down that I spend a lot more time at home, listening to records, reading a book by the fire, or just hanging out with friends. This year my friends and I have made it a goal to spend time together cooking dinner and playing games (our favorites are Cards Against Humanity and the Things game, we just laugh and laugh at the inevitable inappropriate-ness to come.) As you know, I'm a big fan of the playlist, and I spent a little bit of time the other night for one of our game/craft nights, something mellow and great for some background ambiance. It's become a favorite. Have a listen.

:: image via ::

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Friday, November 08, 2013

*Kanye Wes Anderson is full of little gems...

* And speaking of Wes Anderson, can someone please tell me where I can buy this box set?!

*Rebecca's pompom hat knitting kits are so pretty. I can't wait to buy one.

* This lady.  Love her. (A lot more fun literary gifs here too!)

* There is going to be a Jane Austen inspired video game...I couldn't be more geekily excited. (And you can download a prototype for free here!)

* Granny Panties' cross stitch patterns are so awesome.

Disney princesses with beards is an awesome new meme.

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* This might be the greatest festival I've ever heard of

* Watching "Bridget Jones' Diary" as a teenager vs. as a twenty something

Etsy Love

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Every year as the holidays grow closer I find myself scanning the pages of Etsy on a daily basis. I love finding beautiful hand made gifts for my family and friends (and of course, maybe finding a few pretty things for myself.) Here are a few of my latest faves...

The beautiful scarves and wraps from AnytimeScarf are beautiful and SO cozy, plus would make a beautiful gift. I'm in love with this Aztec print.

This handcrafted reclaimed dining room table from RockyMountainTableCo is the table of my dreams.

I'm pretty sure these confetti cork oxfords from goldenponies will be making an appearance on my christmas list.

I have a friend who loves chunky knits and I think this beautiful throw from ErinBlackDesigns would be a wonderful gift.

Fun leggings tend to by my weekend uniform during the winter, these hand printed beauties from theifandbandit would be amazing with a gold sweater and boots.

The rings from MidwestAlchemy are the things of my dreams...

Social Media sometimes brings the worst out in us

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

I love social media.  Facespace,Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Snapchat...heck, there are even multiple YouTubes for porn now. And they're all awesome. (Except FourSquare. Seriously, what is that shit.) Social media keeps me in the know of the up, the coming, the weird, the bad and the ugly.  It's a pop culture diva's best friend.  But everything has a dark side. A awful, annoying, makes you want to scream at your computer dark side.  You know what I mean... the pokes, the fishtank/bubbletrap/candy crush invites, the political rants, the GD bitstrips.  Oh the bitstrips...

Recently, I've found myself mildly aghast to see the things that people will freely post online. (Anthony Weiner, I'm looking at you sir.) So it's time to poke a little fun.  To vent a little frustration.  Because if I can prevent just one duck face selfie..then my work here is done.

The selfie
Now I get that we all take these from time to time, because we look pretty, or we need a little self validation, or Monty the dog is just looking too stinking adorable for words.  I'm gonna cut some slack here for those... but there are two that are simply unacceptable...

 The car selfie (aka, the seatbelt selfie.)
Did you just jump in the car, look in the rearview mirror and say, Woooo girl, my shit looks good toDAY! Better take a photo with this grey strap stretched across my chest because it really compliments my cleavage... I better let everyone know before my spray tan rubs off! 
I rest my case.
But the worst, the absolute WORST?

The gym selfie.
We get it, you work out.  And you're vain.  Really that's all we need to know about you right? (Besides the knowledge of how you look basically naked.)  Oh and this goes doubly for those awful, look how Crossfit has caused me to rip quarter sized calluses off my hands. I am so full of testosterone and badassery I'm pretty sure I grew an extra pair of testicles. I am not here to validate you sir, please go put your Ed Hardy t-shirt back on, gel your hair, and go home.
Note: If I see you at the gym taking photos in mirrors I will openly mock you. Especially if you look like those guys.
You're sad.  But you don't want to just come out and say it! Insert, Vaguebooking! The fun and passive aggressive way to turn your drama filled life into a game of Clue! Why be honest, when you can be indirect and get all that attention?
When you want to brag AND get sympathy for your awesome life.  #sucksthatimsoawesome #ihateyou
Ugh, personally I think ponytails and naps make girls HIDEOUS.
TMI Child Posts
I love my friends children.  Truly. They're adorable and funny and I get that my pals are enamored with them.  But I am with about 90% of what they post to Facebook.  Can't understand why your baby has become a geyser of fecal material?  Seriously, never tell me.  I have a sensitive gag reflex. Posting your sonogram as your new FB photo? Now it's just that much more difficult for me to figure out who you are considering your married name and the fact that we haven't seen each other since you were doing keg stands in the Sig Ep house.  Think your baby's bath time is a photo sharing moment?  C'mon guys, there are real pedofiles out there who love that shit.  Thank god our parents didn't have the ability to share every embarrassing photo of us as a child to the ENTIRE INTERNET.
Tell me this doesn't slightly resemble something out of a nightmare.  Give me the B&W any day.
What social media activities drive you crazy?  Tell me (if only to ensure that I don't repeat them :)  In the mean time, I'll just be practicing clenching my abs in the mirror while holding a duck face.

// Car Selfie 1  // Gym Selfie 1 & 2 // Vaguebooking // Humblebrag // TMI // 

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Friday, November 01, 2013

* These modern merit badges from The Scout Project are awesome.  I want to collect them all!

* This sweater.

* The SNL Wes Anderson horror trailer was too funny.  Ed Norton nailed Owen Wilson.

* This is so true.

* This pillow makes my day.

*This is the greatest "sexy costume"ever.  Edgar Allen Ho.

* If you don't think this is precious, you do not have a soul. (I want Scott Avett to call me baby too.)

* The 21 Best Things Said By Samantha Jones.  She's my fave.

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* Wearing a size 2 does not make you happy.