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Friday, March 28, 2014

* These posters by Design Different are fantastic.

* Speaking of fantastic, I just received these posters from the Missouri Dept of Conservation for my office at work. So clever!

* Dave Grohl is my fave.

* This new song by Bleachers is great. (And the video too!)

* 1001 movies to see before you die. (Based on this book.)

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Pedaling Pretty: Becoming a bike commuter

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

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I’ve been a bike advocate for years now.  I love bicycling. I attend meetings to install additional bike lanes; I urge my friends and family to get out there on two wheels….and I drive to work nearly every day in my Jeep. And I had my excuses down to a science.  I live too far away.  (So I moved into town, a mere 5 minutes from my job. Cross that baby out.) Its winter/snowy/cold/I’m a giant pussy. (It’s Spring.) My bike is too old and heavy and needs a lot of repair.  (My dad told me he’d buy me a new one more suitable for my new city commute.  Best dad ever.)
So I’m out of excuses. It’s time to buy a new bike. 
There are a lot of bikes and bikers out there and honestly, it can all be kinda overwhelming to take on.  For me, the best way to start was to decide not only what I did want to accomplish on my bicycle, but also, what I didn’t.  I knew I didn’t want to be a mountain or solely road biker.  I wasn’t the type to take on a 40 mile bike ride all dolled up in a skintight lycra number, jumping across ravines, or doing kick flips. (Are kick flips a thing?)  I wanted a bike that I could jump on, zip to work in a dress and sandals, coffee in tow.  I wanted something with storage in case I need to run to the market, or if I had my work bag full of files. I wanted something that was pretty and stylish and that I looked hella cool on, because let’s be honest, I’m not going to get excited over this.  But I’ll totally swoon over this.  So what features does a lady like me need in a new ride?
Step-through frame:  I’ve heard a lot of back and forth about girls who don’t care about step throughs, but all of my 5 feet 2 inch self needs something that is easy to mount that I also won’t flash the world my chonies every time I get on. 
Internal hub: I wanted at least 7 gears, more if available.  Internal hubs are best because you can switch gears all the time and you’re right where you need to be, none of that clunkety clunk stuck in between gears stuff you get with external hubs.

Fenders:  Fenders will keep you and your duds free from the rain, mud, snow, and even the mystery puddle you just sped through downtown. (Usually whispering the mantra please don’t be vomit, please don’t be vomit.)

Chain guard: Have you ever seen a lovely lady depantsed because her skirt got caught in her bike chain?  Okay I haven’t either, but your chain guard makes sure that doesn’t happen.  Plus no gross brown bike grease stains. 

Upright handlebars: Those crazy ram horn looking curved handlebars are great for serious long distance biking.  But you want handlebars that are upright, straight or slightly far back so that you’re upright and can comfortably look around (and be seen) without getting hit by a bus. 

A bell:  Not only are bells cute, but they serve a purpose in the, you’re not paying total attention but I’m coming at you on a bike, way.

Racks and storage:  Racks because duh, you can strap your shit to them, but I also like the addition of panniers and baskets.  Some people say that they think baskets hinder their full mobility with turning, but I think those people bought the wrong basket.  

I’d been scouring the internet looking for bikes and found a lot of really cute and functional bikes, but I’ve been really iffy about ordering a bike sight unseen that I’m not 100% sure will fit my body type. Or that I have to put together. (Why is there always one screw left over when they do this?) I’m also a big supporter of shopping local when possible, so I’ve visited a few of my local bike shops and have my eye on one in particular that might just be the one.  I’m so excited.  More to come soon. 

xoxo Fearsy

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Friday, March 21, 2014

What a week y'all.  I've been holed up in bed for half the week with the flu... just feeling better is making me happier than I can say.  Other than not cradling the toilet, here's what else is making me happy this week...

* These two guys covered Beyonce's entire new album and it was SO good.

* Helloletsdate is the greatest tumblr ever. I seriously considered just linking to the website for this whole post. Background: this guy goes on tinder and writes hilarious things to women.

* I love this print of my favorite Ron Swanson quote. (I can't find this on Etsy anymore, anyone know which shop it is?)

* A friend recommended I check out St. Paul and the Broken Bones and let me tell you, they are probably the greatest thing I've heard this year. I ran out and bought the vinyl immediately.

*Game of Thrones fans will love these charts...

* The new trailer for The Giver is getting me pretty excited, it was my favorite book growing up and I'm very hopeful for them to do it justice (even if they cast the horrible Taylor Swift. ugh.)

* This video is INSANE (and totally NSFW) but I'm completely into it. Plus that's a pretty dope beat. (Yup, I said dope. Because it is.)

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Friday, March 14, 2014

* True.

* When you catch a truly great busker it's awesome

* I think this every time I'm in line at Chipotle. Need the shirt.

* Ultimate dog shaming

* The People's Pennant is so cool! Each month a designer creates a new felt pennant celebrating the simple things in life. I want these two for sure.

* Who DOESN'T want Jane Austen temporary tattoos?

* This is basically me and my bestie Chad singing in my car every time (there's a lot of Rent and Wicked in our road trips.)

* Suggested hashtags for LOTR...

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* Did you know you can play the 1985 Apple version of The Oregon Trail online?

* Are any of you using Moviepass yet?  It's a movie membership that allows you to see one movie EVERY DAY OF THE MONTH for one low price! (Here in Springfield it's only $30 a month.)  I really want to try it.

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

All of the clothes from your teenage closet (and for that matter your mother’s closet,) will be sold at Urban Outfitters in 20 years.  Keep them. Except the crushed velvet dress. Crushed velvet is always a bad idea.

That boy you’re obsessed with? The star athlete who will inspire endless games of MASH and whom you will giggle like a maniac around at every chance? He will tease you with flirting before true love waits rallies (or whatever other dumb club you joined because he was in it) for four years before dating someone who is skinnier, blonder and dumber than you from another school.  They’ll get married and when you see him at your reunion he will have far less hair and far more contempt for his boring life. You win.

Chill out already. Stress does nothing but give you ulcers and waste time. 

Be nice to the quiet, shy kids.  They’ll grow up to be some of the most interesting and successful people you know.  Or serial killers.  Either way it’s a good idea to stay on their good sides.

All of the geeky things that you love dearly and tell no one about?  They’re awesome. You’ll meet lots of awesome people who think so too.  But spending over $159 on the one ring to rule them all miiiight be a bit extreme.

Trust your gut more.  

Your parents do not have virginity detectors, nor will a scarlet A be emblazoned on your forehead if you choose to have sex.  That being said, waiting isn’t a bad thing, because it’s never special to lose your V card to a boy wearing a blue velvet cowboy hat and a beer buzz. Just saying.

Speaking of, your parents also know that you’re stealing their Miller Lites out of the fridge.  They’re being really cool about it, so do your dad’s knees a favor and stop dropping the empty glass bottles behind the hottub. Also clove cigarettes are disgusting, full of fiberglass, and will send your best friends mom into a “are you doing drugs you hippies” shitstorm.  The tie-dye skirts and attempts at dreadlocks will not help your case.

Be less critical of others.  We're all fighting our own battles. 

Stuffing your training bra to see what you’d look like with boobs is tempting the gods.  You’ll get them and they’ll be awkward, and boys will make inappropriate comments, your back will hurt, and you’ll wonder why anyone could ever want something hanging there.  But you’ll also get drinks at bars very quickly, so really it’s a wash. 

You will not be best friends forever with everyone.  But those few that do remain will be the best people you’ll ever know.  Treasure them.

The unplanned can result in magic (and Sara Bareilles tickets.)  Stray from the beaten path.

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Friday, March 07, 2014

*This print is perfect.

* The Drunk in Love emoji video is funny stuff.

* This print too...

* I only recently discovered the PaperFashion blog and am amazed by her beautiful watercolors. (Look at this amazing Lupita Nyong'O portrait!) I'm thinking about trying her watercolor class too...

*Speaking of watercolors, Emily's written a great tutorial for turning her doodles and watercolors into art prints. (Using this new Spring Essentials print.)

* The Pixar storyboard artist Josh Cooley makes amazing movie themed art in his spare time. I love that they take so many sinister movie scenarios and Pixar-ifies them.

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