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Thursday, May 22, 2014

* The Rifle Paper Co. collaboration with Puffin Books is my new favorite thing.  I've already pre-ordered a copy of each. They're so beautiful!

*This looks so cool.

* This proposal took over 4 years to make... my heart is melting.

* I am obsessed with the Coco Cake Land blog and her beautiful cakes!

* Theres a twitter account just for baby zoo animals... you're welcome.

* Celebrities read the tweets always makes me laugh  ♥ Links Loved ♥

* Silly Things You Didn't Know About Disney Theme Parks

* 30 Things To Start Doing For Yourself

* NPR has a list of the best commencement speeches ever.  So many great ones!

* 15 Teen Femenist Young Adult Books Everyone Should Read

These just might be the songs of Summer 2014...

Monday, May 19, 2014

Summer 2014 is just around the corner y'all and you know what that means.... you probably don't have to listen to Blurred Lines ever again, but something equally catchy (and likely will drive you to gouge your ears out by August,) is about to hit your airwaves.  I'd like to consider myself a fan of music in general, though I tend to lean towards singer/songwriters and folk artists, (and there are SO MANY great new folk releases coming out, which I'll talk about in a later post,) but there's just something undeniable about a summer song that leads you to roll down the windows, turn up the radio, and sing along to.  Check out a few of my favorite poppy jams of this summer and start practicing your best booty dance...

* Gotta Get Away - The Black Keys
While I'm loving their first single Fever, the real song that had me turning the knob up and car dancing was the album's final song.  It's infectious and everything I love about The Black Keys.

* Love Never Felt So Good - Michael Jackson & Justin Timberlake
What happens when you combine Michael Jackson AND Justin Timberlake? Magic. That's what.  I love the throwback disco fever that's infiltrating pop music lately.

 * Problem - Ariana Grande feat. Iggy Azalea
 I've got a secret addiction to certain bubblegum pop music... this song might be my not so guilty pleasure.

 * Sing - Ed Sheeran
I'm generally a little wishy washy about Ed Sheeran, but this song with it's whole JT vibe.... it's pretty great.

 * Fancy - Iggy Azalea
Easily my favorite thus far, it's a good bet that if you see a yellow jeep with the windows down and a lady embarrassingly dancing in the drivers seat, it's me and this song. Also anytime there is a Clueless reference I AM IN.

 * Turn Down For What - DJ Snake & Lil Jon
I've mentioned the dancing peen video before, but it's awesome. And that beat is sick.

 * Do It Again - Royksopp & Robyn
I have been waiting for two years for a new Robyn song. I love her. LOVE HER!

 * Of the Night - Bastille
It's probably because this was once a long, long, time ago Rhythm of the Night was a favorite dance song of mine... but I love this fun Bastille remix.

* Double Bubble Trouble - MIA
This song will immediately have you just GROOVING in your chair.

* Chandelier - Sia I've raved about this song a lot in the past few weeks for good reason, this song just gets me so pumped up. It's amazing.

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Thursday, May 15, 2014

* The new Sia video for Chandelier is incredible.

* This DIY banner from ispydiy. I have so many snarky ideas...

* These Solange memes...

* My favorite musical will be out in December!! " width="100%">

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* TIME has 5 scientifically backed tips for to be cool.

* 23 mildly irrational things every girl has done in her life.

* The godzilla remix project

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Friday, May 09, 2014

* Game of Thrones Guess Who? Yessss please.

* I love Kina's covers.

* Speaking of covers, Ten Second Songs covers are straight up amazing.

* These little bits of daily laughs and inspiration...

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* The 100 iconic photos that define the 21st century so far will definitely bring you to tears, but there are so many that we shouldn't ever forget.

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Friday, May 02, 2014

* I could look at random tinder pickup lines all day long.

* WHAT?!

* The Black Keys new album comes out in 2 weeks! Pat Carney gives me lady wood.

* This is my favorite right now, and it's all on YouTube!

* This is just one reason who Emma Stone is amazing.

* Love this new t-shirt design from Ted Trager.

* Speaking of GOT, they've been Simpsonized!
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* If you love Beyonce as much as I do.... just click here.

* I'm a size 12 and I wore a crop top. YES!

* Things that cost more than space exploration.