whats making me happy #161 etsy love

Friday, October 23, 2015

As I've been seeking out the final finishing touches for my new place, I've become even more obsessed with scouring Etsy for unique handmade pieces to include in my decor. So instead of doing a regular wmmh post this week, I decided to show y'all some of my favorites that I've come across that I'm hoping to soon find their way into my home.

// 1 // I love quirky welcome mats, but the way that my screen door sits on my front porch there isn't enough clearance for a mat underneath. This mat would be perfect for right inside, and it'll make me laugh every day on the way to work. 

// 2 // My living room has a lot of black and white elements and this kickass print would fit in perfectly.

// 3 // My backyard is in serious need of a hammock, and this one is just beautiful.

// 4 // I think this mailbox is so cute, though the price tag makes me wince. Like five times. But hey a girl can dream.

// 5 // I'm in a rental so I can't put up wallpaper, but this mural would be a a great quick fix that I can take wherever with me. And it's gorgeous. 

// 6 // I'm totally buying into the brass lamp trend and I love that this lamp adds the organic geometric base. Looving it.

// 7 // Are you picking up on my love of cacti? This print is adorable.

// 8 // I have literally no more room for furniture in my home right now, but these cocktail chairs are so amazing I think I'd try to shove them in.

// 9 // This air plant holder would look great on my coffee table or hanging from the ceiling. 

whats making me happy #160

Thursday, October 15, 2015

// 1 // There aren't many things that I love more than a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup... except for a recipe for a GIANT peanut butter cup!

// 2 // I picked up the new Apartment Therapy book Complete + Happy Home and have been referencing it SO much as I decorate my new house! Those guys really really know their stuff.

// 3 // I just discovered the Emerging Thoughts website and am wishing so hard for SO many of the things. But mostly these Dolly Parton nail decals. (There are also Golden Girls ones! I die.)

// 4 // I saw this mug on Kaelah's instagram and immediately wanted it in my life.

// 5 // Jes was one of the first rad gals who sponsored my blog and hers has become one of my favorite daily reads ever since. She just wrote a book that I am SO excited to get my hands on. What a rockstar, I just love her!

// 6 // If you're not subscribing to Lena Dunham's new email newsletter you're missing out. Jennifer Lawrence just did an excellent piece on the gender gap in pay that made me want to shout out AMEN!

// 7 // Who better to ask what books you should read before you die than librarians? There are so many of these that I haven't read yet!

// 8 // I'm loving the enamel pin trend right now and have been skimming the Valley Forge Press site constantly. I'm eyeing this one. And this one. Ooo and this patch.

// 9 // The only thing I love more than horror movies is making fun of the poor decisions characters make in horror movies.

fall to-do's

Monday, October 05, 2015

Driving down my new street today, I saw the first beginning blushes of red on the trees and got SO excited. I think that we all have a season that just kind of suits us and fall is 100% mine. I love everything about it. (Except PSL's. I think the obsession with pumpkin spice everything is ridiculous. Go away cinnamon.) I digress...

Now that it's October, there are so many fall-centric activities that I am looking forward to participating in this season. I've created a little list of some of my faves.

1. Visit the haunted corn-maze and zombie paintball hayride. This has become one of my friends and my favorite traditions of the season. There is nothing funnier than hearing entire new octaves of screams from your male friends.

2. Bake pies that I can actually eat. I've mentioned it before, but I am super allergic to cinnamon (hence the PSL aversion,) and I generally can't eat most of the fall pies. This year I want to try my hand at a few different cinnamon-free versions like this one

3. Plan a day-trip to Eureka Springs. Arkansas is so beautiful in the fall and Eureka Springs is the most fun little hole-in-the-wall town to visit. Maybe we'll even be able to stay the night in the haunted Crescent Hotel!!

4. Hike out to Whittaker Point. Speaking of beautiful places in Arkansas, Whittaker Point is supposed to be GORGEOUS in the fall and an amazing photo op.

" 5. Host a housewarming party. I'm so excited to show off my new home once I get fully settled in!

6. Tailgate at a local football game. Tailgating is a right of passage in Missouri and a fall can't go by without one good football party!

7. Decorate my stoop for the holidays. My mom has always been amazing at decorating her home for the holidays and now that she's retired, her decorating game is on a whole different level. I'd love to have adorable holiday-centric decorations!

8. Find the perfect costume for our annual Halloween party. I'm really thinking about this one