what's making me happy :: 164 ::

Thursday, December 17, 2015

// 1 // These illustrated gifs of Harry Potter locations are pretty amazing.

// 2 // Jimmy Fallon, The Roots, and the cast of Star Wars sing the Star Wars melody and IT. IS. EVERYTHING.

// 3 // Oh my gosh guys I CAN HAVE A PLAID CAKE?!

// 4 // This faux taxidermy knitting kit is adorable, and it's a T-Rex!

// 5 // This candle is AMAZING.

// 6 // I can't decide which patch I like more...

// 7 // SF Girl By Bay's Wes Anderson inspired Christmas is my fave.

// 8 // DJ Earworm did it again with his 50 Shades of Pop Remix.

// 9 // These things will give you all the feels

Tattoosday :: Succulents

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

It’s been a good long while since I’ve done a tattoosday post, but its winter now y’all and you know what that means….prime tattoo season! (Because there’s nothing worse than getting a tattoo and immediate goosebumps because it’s 12 degrees…) That being said, It’s also the best  time to ink up because there is no way you’re getting into any body of water outside the bathtub for a few months. I’ve got big plans for my next couple of tattoos, so I figured I’d share a couple of the themes I’m looking to be inspired by over the next couple of weeks.  First up, I’ve decided that I’m ready to take the plunge and extend my half sleeve into a full on sleeve, especially now that I’ve passed the dreaded swellbow. I’ve stuck with a pretty nature-based theme on the left arm and I’m really leaning towards a succulent/terrarium theme on the forearm. These are just a few that have been inspiring me lately…

Instagram @deadmeat

Website: LTW Tattoo Studio

Instagram: @shirmmy_shirmmy_ya

Instagram : @msmollymckinnon

Instagram : @katedecosmo

Instagram: @katemcgrathart

And because I couldn't pick just one...

Instagram:  @goldlagrimas