:: 151 ::

* This collection of calming gifs. This is my favorite. This one too.

*OH MY GOSH. The stages of rushing a sorority as told by SLOTHS. You absolutely have to click through to this, but for now i will leave you with this MOST AMAZING PHOTO EVER.

* Haha if Disney princesses had realistic hair.

* Clearly Buzzfeed lists are making me happy. But this one is the best one EVER. 23 Pictures only Lord of the Rings fans will think are funny.

* This shirt. I'm pretty sure that the log lady is my favorite television character ever.

* Kaelah mentioned that @daily_kale is one of her favorite twitters... now I know why.

* This is SUCH an inspiration. Today is not over yet.

:: 150 ::

I hope to have a little one who can jam like this. SO MUCH HAPPY!

See how much the "perfect" female body has changed over the last 100 years.

The Man Repeller tells us what your profile picture says about you. Too funny.

These congresswomen wore matching pink suits to the SOTU to advocate for more women in congress. I love it.

Buzzed made a list of the 21 books to read before they hit theaters in 2015. I've added quite a few of these to my to-read list.

Popsugar also did a more bigger list of 100 books to read before they turn into movies.

My first thought was, I'd love if my man played this kind of prank on me. My second was, who is going to clean this up?

I do love me some Criminal Minds marathons... 24 struggles every Netflix addict will immediately understand.

These funny valentines are amazing. I love the instagram one.