:: 142 ::

* Have y'all started listening to Serial yet? It's a kind of spinoff from This American Life but instead focuses on 1 story for the entire season AND IT'S SO GOOD. I am seriously counting down the days till the next episode.

* These guys trying on sexy Halloween costumes made me laugh so hard. Here's a little preview for you...

* I'm completely convinced that Jeffrey Tambor can do no wrong. I started watching Transparent on Amazon Prime this week and I can't stop telling people about how wonderful it is. It makes my heart swell. Do yourself a favor and start watching it immediately.

* This Parks & Rec themed wedding photo shoot is everything... and the invitation is my favorite part.

* Confession: You've Got Mail is one of my favorite romantic comedies of all time. This person must share my love..."This is What Happens When You Send Tinder Guys The Emails From You've Got Mail."

*Carol Rosetti's illustrations from her Woman series are so powerful.

Lazy Blogger

I’ve been super bored with my blog lately. 

I’m sure you have been too.

 Don’t get me wrong. I love sharing pop culture bits and pieces with you all, and honestly that was really what got me started blogging from the beginning, a collective way to share the fun things I come across on the internet without constantly blasting my facebook newsfeed.  And I still want to share those things because, duh, the internet is fucking awesome.

 But I want to do more.

 I’ve been mulling over what that more might mean over the past few month, video blogging, podcasting, book clubbing, being an advocate,  trying new shit…the sky is the limit! There are so many people out there who’ve inspired me to go out and try new things, like Jess, and Megan, and Sarah. They’re blogging in such different ways that it just gets me crazy excited to see what they’re doing week to week and I want to do that too!  So please forgive the slight radio silence lately y’all.  I’m working on it, and just wanted to give you all a shout out that I’m not dead, just really boring lately.  And I’m putting a stop to that RIGHT NOW.

:: 141 ::

* This print would look perfect in my living room. (br />
* This video made me laugh SO hard. YAAS GAGA YAAS!

* Amy Poehler's author photo on her new book is everything.

* Okay I know this is super long, but this comic is such a great visual to explain how feminism helps everyone.