:: 141 ::

* This print would look perfect in my living room. (br />
* This video made me laugh SO hard. YAAS GAGA YAAS!

* Amy Poehler's author photo on her new book is everything.

* Okay I know this is super long, but this comic is such a great visual to explain how feminism helps everyone.

:: 140 ::

* Kaelah shared these amazing paper mache masks on her blog and now I want to create a wall of my own!

*Tina has a techno remix to shake your butt to.

* Vulture made Mindy Project paper dolls.

* As a tiny person, I love Tiny Detectives sooo hard.
* Dear jesus this.

:: 139 ::

* #Asklena. I'm a huuuge Lena Dunham fan and I'm so eager to read Not That Kind of Girl next week.

* 22 Reasons why fall sucks for women with big boobs.

* Things Beyonce does that would be awkward if you did them.

* Claire Hummel's drawings of Disney Princesses in traditional historic gear are awesome.

* I'm obsessed with this sweatshirt.

* Angela Deane's ghost photographs are pretty fantastic.

* Uh, glow in the dark boots for night exploring?!

* You all know I love paint by numbers, and it seems like Trey Speegle loves it as much as I do. His prints are inspiring me to modify a few of my pieces...