:: 154 ::

* Cinefix put together a video of the top 10 monologues of all time. It includes my favorite movie ever...can you guess what it is?

* My boo recently introduced me to one of his pals AWESOME blogs Pop Sonnets, and it turns out that he wrote a book too! The cover alone is reason to buy it, but I am dying over the Shaggy sonnet...

* Awwww shit y'all Chewy is baaaaaack!

* Uh this bag is a cooler?!?! I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE!

* Claire Ayoub's A Series of Comebacks is so funny and spot on. Watch this shit ladies.

* Esther Povitsky going through New Yorkers bags is amazing. My favorite quote "So you look poor, but you're not?"

:: 153 ::

* You know I love a good Harry Potter reference...

* JK Rowling is the shit.

* These little Girl Scouts are adorable.

* The tweets from Pretty Little Liars fans about the big A reveal are hilarious.

* These are SO COOL!!!

* These fanny packs are AMAZING and I want all three.

* If you were as obsessed with Serial as I was, you'll be excited to hear this news about Adnan's appeal for a new trial.

* How 'flawless" because a feminist declaration.